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***⛑ Coronavirus Thread***

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2 hours ago, J.B. TexasEx said:

It didn't take much to make globalist stooge, Fauci, look bad either. NYC's numbers speak for themselves. DeBlasio and Cuomo are an embarrassment to New York.

Now we have leftist "journalists" celebrating an unwarranted attack and physical assault on a Senator. What a clever headline from "Jezebel". But, I'm sure Boucher is just misunderstood - according to leftists - despite being convicted of a crime.

These are the same people who describe rioting and looting as "peaceful protests".

Good to see you don't like violence. Even if it's a writer making fun of an attack. It sounds like that writer needs to be fired.
I'm sure Trump encouraging violence needs to be fired also.

Trump AGAIN mocks reporter Ali Velshi and says it was a ‘beautiful sight’ to see him hit by rubber bullet

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Guys, let’s try to keep political views at a minimum. Several of you have made it very clear where you stand on the political spectrum. This thread should be for discussion about COVID, not for campai

Texas will only allow the football stadium to be at 50% capacity in 2020.     Apparently they had the foresight to implement this policy in basketball 5 years ago.  

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On 9/22/2020 at 6:17 PM, primal defense said:


It's the Trump administration forcing the CDC to change it, so he can get reelected. An example would be Herman Cain. Cain went to the Tulsa rally and shortly after came down with Covid. Around four weeks later he died from Covid.
Herman Cain had in the past stage IV colon cancer. Trump changed it to where the stats showed that Herman Cain died from colon cancer.  That's a lie. Herman suffered a miserable painful death from Covid not cancer.

July 30, 2020 -- Herman Cain, a former Republican presidential candidate and CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, died Thursday. He was 74.

Cain died 4 weeks after being hospitalized with COVID-19.

“We knew when he was first hospitalized with COVID-19 that this was going to be a rough fight,” wrote Dan Calabrese, the editor for website HermanCain.com. "He had trouble breathing and was taken to the hospital by ambulance. We all prayed that the initial meds they gave him would get his breathing back to normal, but it became clear pretty quickly that he was in for a battle.”

Cain, Cabrese wrote, “was basically pretty healthy in recent years, [but] he was still in a high-risk group” because of his history with cancer, as well as his age. “We all prayed so hard every day. We knew the time would come when the Lord would call him home, but we really liked having him here with us, and we held out hope he’d have a full recovery.”


Fact check: CDC's data on COVID-19 deaths used incorrectly in misleading claims


First and foremost...is there any factual, reliable proof that President Trump had Herman Cain's cause of death modified or changed from COVID to complications from cancer or that he's forcing the CDC to falsify their reports? 

Herman Cain was an older gentleman with a history of cancer which placed him at a higher risk for contracting and, unfortunately, dying from COVID-19.  While neither age nor cancer caused his death they are factors known to increase an individual's risk and to complicate treatment.  He was 74 years old which, according to the CDC, made him 5 times more likely to be hospitalized and an 18-29 year old and 90 times more likely to die.  Chemotherapy is effective because cancer cells grow fast and chemo kills fast-growing cells, unfortunately there's no way to target just cancerous cells so it kills all fast-growing cells which can damage healthy tissue.  Due to the complications of treatment there are long-term and sometimes lifetime side effects that result from chemo that can compromise a survivor's immune system and can also include cardiac and pulmonary issues.  Being a cancer survivor didn't kill him but it didn't make his road any easier. 


COVID-19 Hospitalization and Death by Age



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DSHS arbitrarily raised the case count here in Gillespie county by 97 and more than 100 in neighboring Kerr county. The head of the hospital here openly questioned why. No explanations were given. The city of Kerrville had just been granted a waiver on the mask requirement and I'm thinking Fredericksburg would have been right on their heels. Makes you wonder.

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6 minutes ago, primal defense said:

WHO official walks back statement that asymptomatic transmission is 'very rare'



Your leftist media has "walked back" many statements since the China Virus was introduced.

A projected "2 million will perish"...

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Experts weigh in after poll shows only 2 in 10 Americans will take COVID-19 vaccine Trump deems safe: ‘The president has misled and lied to the American public from the beginning’



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