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***⛑ Coronavirus Thread***

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Guys, let’s try to keep political views at a minimum. Several of you have made it very clear where you stand on the political spectrum. This thread should be for discussion about COVID, not for campai

Texas will only allow the football stadium to be at 50% capacity in 2020.     Apparently they had the foresight to implement this policy in basketball 5 years ago.  

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11 hours ago, primal defense said:


Brain problems linked to even mild virus infections: study



When a study of a larger group of patients being administered Hydroxychloroquine came out it was labelled as anecdotal. But this one isn't? Looks like an agenda to me.

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2 hours ago, Bear19 said:


A name you can trust.

It's been every state for itself from the beginning, at the insistence of the liberal governors. Even now, they refuse federal assistance as their cities burn and become infested with violent crime.

State's rights. But no one with politico would understand that.

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For decades, New York City had embraced the title of the “safest big city in the country.” But now, as it cautiously emerges from months of a coronavirus lockdown, it is battling a surge in gun violence.

For the year, as of Sunday, there had been 634 shootings in 2020, compared with 394 in same period in 2019.


New York Times.....

Its gun violence obviously.  Has nothing to do with the war on police and failing mayor.  Its probably linked to Trump and Russia somehow.

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Brian Kemp is another Trump toady. Just like Greg Abbot, Ron Desantis, and Doug Ducey rushed to open their states and now their citizens are suffering.


Georgia governor overrides all local mask orders in the state


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Guys, let’s try to keep political views at a minimum. Several of you have made it very clear where you stand on the political spectrum. This thread should be for discussion about COVID, not for campaigning, bashing or espousing political views. 


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I have access to data for Austin/Round Rock and the Hospital admissions, actual Hospitalizations, and number of patients in ICU, has been dropping consistently the last week and is projected to continue dropping.  The additional good news for our area is that we would have seen any spikes resulting from July 4th by now since we're well past the incubation period for those potentially exposed on the 4th.  The more diligent we remain with being safe, wearing masks, washing hands, and socially distancing, the faster we can start reopening businesses and expanding capacity, but I do personally think that continuing to wear masks will help accelerate this and keep things in check until vaccines arrive.

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A friend of mine who is a small business owner locally whom I do business with told me last week he had just finished with a legal case against a Metroplex hospital. He won before it went to court (settled).

His mother passed away after four days in the hospital. She had a pre-existing illness and was very old. The hospital tested her on Day 3 of her stay for corona virus. She tested negative. 

She passed away the next day. What did they put on her death certificate? Covid-19.

He had to threaten a lawsuit to get it changed/corrected.


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On 7/2/2020 at 8:49 PM, Aaron Carrara said:

My wife works for a medical school and gets updates almost hourly.  She works in politics too.  I love ya doc, but Houston is in bad shape.  San Antonio and the Valley are increasing.  Dallas is not currently as bad as any of those areas. Austin is in trouble too.

Abbott put out 3 Executive Orders today - one of which mandates statewide face covering requirement. This should have happened at least two months ago.... And we find ourselves in the position we are in.  As you mentioned before, there is a lot of politics in play, but the COVID numbers are what they are.  

I don't get hourly updates, but I have pretty good connections myself.  Of interest, the St. Lukes hospital in Sugarland is totally gutting itelf (including surgery rooms)and turning itself into a Covid-19 facility.

And let' get real here.  The jury is still out on how much protection one gets from one who is wearing a surgical mask.  There are arguments, medically, both ways.  I will post more on this subject when I have the time and inclination.  Right now the bass are biting at my farms #2 tank and I am going fishing, even though it is late


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1 hour ago, Eastexhorn said:

If masks does not help why has Doctors and nurses worn them for years and years.

Its like saving pennies ever little bit helos.

Those masks primarily prevent doctors and nurses from blood, vomit, or worse getting spewed into their mouth or nose. If you worked in an environment where blood, vomit, or worse has the potential of getting spewed around you'd likely wear one also ;)

Those masks aren't designed to prevent the common cold, which would be the equivalent here. Right now the masks are helpful to prevent the spread. They do not prevent individuals from catching covid. For that you need an N95 mask, which you should be wearing in public places if you can find them. Tip: They are also used in woodworking and cutting stone like granite, so some industrial places stock up on these. 


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Louis Gohmert has been anti mask and now he's tested positive. Now he's wondering if it was because of wearing a mask.
You can tell that Gohmert went to Texas A&M, that is real aggie logic.
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