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Talking Texas with 2021 swim commit Kayde Cross

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Story via Tristan Larsen, HornSports

The Texas Longhorns hold claim to one of the most impressive streaks in all of sports. Since legendary swim coach Eddie Reese’s second year at the University of Texas, the men’s swim program has won an unprecedented 41 straight conference championships. The program also holds 14 NCAA Championships under its belt.

Maintaining excellence isn’t an easy task. To do so, Reese and his staff recruit the best swimmers from all across America to join an elite Texas swimming program. The latest in that ever-growing family? Kayde Cross.

Kayde Cross is currently a junior in Ballwin, Missouri and represents Parkway Swim Club.

Even though he competes in Missouri and all around the midwest, Cross has always had the Longhorns on his mind. 

When I was 12 or 13, I came down to UT for a swim camp, and I completely fell in love with what I saw,” Cross said on why he chose UT. “I loved it so much that I came back for another two years prior to my initial visit. It became a goal in my mind, I wanted to go there, to UT.”

“When I came down for my official visit, I was super nervous to meet everybody. But right away I felt extremely welcomed by the guys,” Cross added.

The aforementioned Eddie Reese was another critical factor that led Cross to choose the University of Texas.

“I walked straight up to Eddie, we shook hands, and it was a surreal experience,” Cross said. “He knew my name, and I had a mental freak out. It hit me that, I was no longer a camper that had to pay to be there, I was a swimmer with the potential to swim for the best college in the nation.”

Cross has been swimming most of his life and he thanks his parents as well as his coaching staff for helping him to be as successful as possible.

“They push me to my limits and teach me things to think about while swimming. It’s the details that win races, and everything your competitors don’t do is to your gain,” Cross said. “Races come down to hundredths of seconds, and it’s that time that can make or break your goals.”

Cross doesn’t enroll until 2021, but he already has his mind dead set on goals he would like to accomplish in his time on the 40 Acres.

“I hope to win one or a couple of NCAA titles and make the Olympic team,” Cross said. “I know those goals seem crazy, but I know with a team and coaching staff like Texas, in my mind, it doesn’t seem too far fetched.”

Until then, Cross wants UT fans know he’s ready to get to Austin and get to work. “I’m beyond excited to be a part of this team. It’s like a dream to be welcomed into such an amazing place. I’m thankful for everything and everyone that has helped me get to where I am now, and I can’t wait to be a part of the best group of guys in the USA. Hook ‘em.”

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11 hours ago, TB14 said:

Reese is a Legend. 

Absolutely!!  The man is absolutely phenomenal!

Both my boys are year-round swimmers and are going to the Longhorn Swim Camp this year for the first time.  Both want to swim in college and the oldest wants very badly to swim for Eddie Reese so he's very excited about camp!  I saw a couple of this year's Longhorns swim at a meet earlier this year...got to time one of them...I'd be shocked if we didn't see a couple of them swimming in Tokyo this summer.

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