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Post Red River Rivalry - Where do we REALLY stand as a team?

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As much as I hate to admit it OU was definitely the better team. I was proud of our defense because they played pretty damn well. Stupid turnovers which can be attributed to the youth of the team is what really killed us. Fozzy looked like the old Fozzy and I would like to see him be incorporated into the offense more next week. Malcolm Brown averaged 3.2 yards per carry and Fozzy averaged 7. Against these stout defenses Fozzy needs to get more carries.


Time to get ready for Oklahoma State. They hung 70 on KU last night...

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I feel like in all reality we made OU look a lot better than they are... I mean we GAVE them 3 defensive TDs. Our D played pretty well considering OU had amazing field position the whole game. And lets be honest... we looked like we were starting 8 freshman. OU brought pressure early and often and that made it really difficult for McCoy and Ash to get comfortable. Neither of them had ever played in a game of that magnitude and it showed. The key right now is how will the team react. Okie State put up 70 (granted it was Kansas... but 70 points is an impressive feat none the less). We have to be ready to play next week because if we get out of this stretch at 1-1 the BCS is definitely not out of the question with this loss coming so early in the season. I do not think Okie State will be as successful bringing pressure or stopping the run so it will be interesting to see what happens on Saturday.

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I have to tell you I am not as optimistic as you. The pruduct that was out on that field on Saturday was an absoulte joke. What an embarrassing loss that really exploited the team. Why is it Texas gets beat like this every so often? We're Texas and we shouldn't get taken to the woodshed like this. Not THAT bad, EVER. I hope we save face against Oklahoma State because if we don't, the Baylor, A&M and Tech games are not looking so good. Could be a dnother downward spiral that leaves Mack Brown with a pair of burnt pants.

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I get so damn angry when we get whipped like that. Big game on Saturday against Oklahoma State. Our guys will certainly put forth a better showing but I think I am of the mind that Mack needs to stick with one quarterback from now on. This rotating between McCoy and Ash is not a good idea in the long run. Also think about the future of this football team 1, 2 and even 3 years down the road. We need some stability and players need to know where they stand.


I do know this . A drubbing of that magnitude should not happen again - for another 20 years!



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Agreed with you guys on all of the sentiments. But I am sick of the bullshit. Play the players that are performing. Pick a damn quarterback and stick with him, play FOZZY WHITAKER MORE who is healthy and performing better than Malcolm Brown... DO IT. There is too much to lose if we don't. Enough bullshit! I am sick of hearing the press conference lingo - This is Texas football, not travis county high school. WE DO NOT LOSE LIKE THAT! Get with it Mack, Get with it Diaz, Harsin and Applewhite. SERIOUSLY.


Sorry guys but I am so mad about that loss. As a UT grad it makes me sick to my stomach. We got our asses WHIPPED by OU. Pathetic.

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I'm sorry but I am tired of the crap. I donate to the Longhorn Foundation and I am sick and tired of us losing games like this. It is inexcuseable. Does LSU lose games this bad? Does Alabama? NO. We lose like games this bad and everybody just accepts it. It is time we make a statement and say - TEXAS FOOTBALL IS TOO GOOD, TOO HISTORIC, TOO DAMM FINE to EVER los a game like that. UH... TCU... Baylor... Those schools lose games like that. WE DON'T. Pass the Tylenol.

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Chil out yall. All is not lost yet for our Longhorns. Prior to the season remember the question "What record would you take from the 'Horns?" I would be happy with 9-3 or 8-4. Would you guys? An 8-4 record with a bowl appearance would be a success. Especially given the atrocity that last year was. Keep the faith.

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