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Hello Everyone!

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I hope that all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Ours was very good.

Friday was great when I saw the Texas offense assert itself again.  I truly believe that Herman started calling the plays himself after the first futile drives.  The difference was just too dramatic.  After those first drives we simply dominated, and the offense was fluid, fun. 

btw, is there anything that Roshon cannot do when it comes to football?

That drive where he and Sam carried the load, and we scored. What a statement!

Big Mal, what a beast!  His energy could power a major city. I’m going to miss that young man next year. 

Dev, too. Every time he touches the ball, I just wait for something good to happen for us. 

Shakelford, he is another one who rallies the troops. 

I felt really bad for Collin. He missed so much of his Senior year. 

For those of you bemoaning the injuries, haven’t you ever noticed that Freshman and Sophomore players are injured more frequently than upperclassmen. It happens because they aren’t as physically mature (stating the obvious). Luckily, we have a great strength & conditioning program, plentiful resources, and dedicated athletes, so relax, enjoy the rest of the Holiday weekend.

Hook ‘em!

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Hi, all. 

I have been around and have checked in occasionally, but it has been an incredibly busy fall, work wise. 

It is silly, but I have been working about 6 days a week, and I am fast. It’s just an incredible work load, and get this, I volunteered!  Didn’t realize it would require this time commitment though!  You know what they say, there is one born every minute. Uh-um. 

To top it off, I bought a new puppy in August. She is precious, but it does take time to train them properly. She is good though. 

Haven’t missed a Longhorn game, though.

i really do think injuries played a huge role this year, and it hit us hard because most of our talent, with a few exceptions was in the last 2 classes.

i hate to lose Orlando  I thought a lot of the man, and I don’t even know him.  I understand we gave up a lot of yards this year, but the injuries we had in our defense were absolutely stunning, as were the number of Freshmen and Sophomores who were starting.  But, I am not an X’s and O’s pro, to put it mildly.  

I’m looking forward to a great season next year.  Probably won’t be back tonight.  At least 2 more hours of work & I started at 2:30 this afternoon.  Like I said, silly.

Hook ‘em!



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