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1 hour ago, TFloss32 said:

Former Texas DT Frank Okam will interview for the DT coaching position this Wednesday, per The Football Brainiacs.

Okam checks a few boxes but recruiting isn’t one of them. Partridge from Pitt would be my hire

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48 minutes ago, oldhorn2 said:


well....I have to split hairs as I don't have so many anymore. My hair isn't turning gray. It is turning loose.

If you were lucky to have high blood pressure like me your doc could give you Minoxidil for it. It'll make your hair grow where you never had hair before.      :P

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1 hour ago, NEOkHorn said:

Scanning his Bio on the SC site, seems to have had success coaching ST. At least his returners performed well at previous stops. He also will bring some things he learned defensively from Coach Boom which should be a plus.  

Don’t know much about SC Special Teams but I like it? I know he can develop being that he’s coached for muschamp but can he recruit?

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