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21 hours ago, DBOOK23 said:

this video gets me excited, he was already successful with Gundy but he’s been in Columbus just soaking up all that knowledge to put on top of what he already knew. If things go right, this could be a program changing hire. This is so so so good for Texas. Like if he’s as good as we think he will be he will only be around for a couple of seasons, he’s at Texas to be a head coach somewhere.

Get ready. This man is bringing a different mindset than what we're used to. In a good way. 

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1 hour ago, 63_Texas_1 said:

Just a thought...Lincoln Riley went to OU from East Carolina. I can only imagine how the gurus on all of the paid boards (and even here) if TH hired some one from a small school without all of the glitz and glory from a big school. I'm still amused at crowd at OB (when I was a member there) snickered and jeered when Dabo Swinney offered to bring his whole staff with him to Texas. Meanwhile Texas hired Charlie Strong. 

Well, his staff probably had at least one dud coach😁

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Guest PleaseDeleteUser
55 minutes ago, Baron said:

LOL. You have to give Fields credit though, before tonight's game he had only thrown one interception.

Hard to know whether the pick was on Fields on the WR. WR cut off his route and Fields threw to a spot. One of the f'd up but hard to know which one. 

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19 hours ago, Baron said:

I guess I feel a little vindicated in my opposition to Harrell being considered. :)

I wasn’t completely sold on Harrell either.  He could’ve added a dimension to the offense that would’ve made it more dynamic.  I also felt he might lean hard on the passing if given full control.  I was only pointing out that historically he hadn’t been so far to the pass like his college coach was. Leach is 80-85% passing.  I don’t like that.  I think yurcich will be a good OC if he isn’t handcuffed

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