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4 hours ago, DBOOK23 said:

I’ve reached my limit on anticipating these hires. Hopefully we get some kind of news tomorrow, if Harrell is not in, then move on.

I think Herman is waiting until Monday or Tuesday to announce.  ou sucks has headlines for winning today, tomorrow selection Sunday for bowls.  Then announce on Monday or Tuesday so all that is old news and everyone is talking about the hire going into last week before NSD1.  

Or that's what I would do if I was in his shoes.

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LOL! I wonder if Old Miss will do some major cheating or just SEC cheating.

That didn't stop one Power Five administrator from predicting the length of Kiffin's stay at Ole Miss: "three years." That's another Kiffin signature, not staying long at one place. Sometimes his choice, other times not.



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42 minutes ago, TheContractor said:

Is there a difference? 

Not much, however Hugh Freeze and Old Miss went all out. I followed college football since the 60's and the only time Mississippi was decent was when a Manning was at QB.

Then Hugh Freeze comes in and has the #1 recruiting class in the country. It didn't take much imagination to figure out what happened.


In January 2016, the NCAA charged Ole Miss with numerous recruiting violations. An investigation turned up evidence that Ole Miss employees and boosters arranged numerous "impermissible benefits" for players, such as car loans and cash. At least one recruit was suspected of getting help on his college entrance exam.[19]

The investigation reopened soon after star offensive tackle Laremy Tunsil admitted taking money from one of Freeze's assistants.[20] In February 2017—three months after suffering its first losing season since the year Freeze arrived—Ole Miss withdrew from bowl consideration for the upcoming season. The move came on the same day that the NCAA sent an updated notice of allegations charging the Rebels with eight additional violations. Most seriously, it accused Freeze of not monitoring his assistants, and also accused Ole Miss of not properly controlling the program.[19]

On July 13, 2017, Freeze's predecessor, Houston Nutt, sued Ole Miss for defamation, contending that Freeze and school officials falsely blamed him for the violations. As part of discovery for the lawsuit, Nutt's attorneys filed a Freedom of Information Act request for calls Freeze made on his university-issued cell phone during January 2016. Nutt's attorneys contended that Freeze and others at Ole Miss leaked information to the press as part of an effort to smear their client.[21]

While reviewing those records, Nutt's attorneys discovered a call to a number associated with a female escort service, and alerted Ole Miss officials about it. Freeze claimed it was a misdialed number.[22] School officials investigated, and discovered what they later described as "a concerning pattern" of similar calls dating back to shortly after he arrived in Oxford.[23] On July 20, chancellor Jeff Vitter and athletic director Ross Bjork gave Freeze an ultimatum: resign or be fired for violating the morals clause of his contract. Freeze opted to resign; offensive coordinator Matt Luke was named interim coach.[4]

In February 2019, the NCAA punished the Ole Miss football team for the recruiting and academic violations committed under both Nutt and Freeze. The punishments included a two-year postseason ban, three years of probation, and a four-year ban on some scholarships. As well, 33 wins, including 27 of Freeze's wins, were vacated; i. e., stripped from the record. As a result, Freeze's record is now "officially" 12–15; it was 39–25 on the field.[3


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54 minutes ago, DBOOK23 said:

It’s sounding like Texas is starting to zero in on some targets. Nahlin from IT is suggesting that they still haven’t struck out on top guys yet. If we get scalley or Leonard I will I a backflip

I'm good with either Scalley or Leonard - Definite upgrade by these numbers:
2019 Season Stats
Red Zone Defense
  • Utah - #12
  • Wisconsin #14
  • Texas - #101
3rd Down Conversion Pct Defense
  • Utah - #7
  • Wisconsin - #2
  • Texas - #74
Rushing Defense
  • Utah - #1
  • Wisconsin - #8
  • Texas - #47
Passing Defense
  • Utah - #12
  • Wisconsin 1- #5
  • Texas - #127
Then, one thing that really pisses me off - Penalties!
Penalties yards allowed
  • Iowa State - #13
  • Oklahoma State - #29
  • Virginia Tech - #42
  • Kansas - #48
  • Kansas State - #66
  • Baylor  - #78
  • Texas Tech - #82
  • TCU - #96
  • Texas - #119
  • Oklahoma - #130 (last in FBS)
Whoever we get as Offensive and Defensive Coordinators, I want to see more accountability for NOT BEATING OURSELVES with penalties. That's on CTH. Our Head Coach needs to do a lot better job, too.
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This has been a big recruiting weekend at USC. Lots of top targets in town. 

If GH were staying, I'd imagine that would be announced and USC could use that momentum over the weekend with their recruits. That didn't happen.

I don't think GH would make an announcement to come to Texas while those recruits were on their visits at USC. Just bad form.

Also, lots of recent follows from members of the Texas recruiting class. I seriously doubt USC is interested in Jake Majors at this point.

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1 hour ago, DBOOK23 said:

Jeff Scott hired at USF........ Tom Herman needs to stop playing and go and get Willie Taggart

Why Taggart? Just curious. Don't know much about him besides he was the HC at South Florida and turned it around. Went to Oregon for a year and didn't do anything special. Then was a complete disaster at FSU. Is he an offensive or defensive guy?

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2 minutes ago, TB14 said:

Why Taggart? Just curious. Don't know much about him besides he was the HC at South Florida and turned it around. Went to Oregon for a year and didn't do anything special. Then was a complete disaster at FSU. Is he an offensive or defensive guy?

Hes an offensive guru who is innovative and knows how to score points. He didn't work out at Florida state but his offensive acumen is rivaled by few. Also he loves to recruit.

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