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20 minutes ago, Drb522 said:

When you’re down to your 4th string RB you’ll taper the carries off.


since you must be big on stats, what was the stats while he was at UNT?

Stats make the sports world go round.

2016 - 332 rushing attempts 449 passing attempts for 1736 and 2708 yds respectively

2017 - 411 - 520 - 2280 - 4086

2018 - 393 - 504 - 1999 - 3988

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4 hours ago, Bearded said:

  How many are a Yea on Harrell and how many are a Nay ?


Harrell represents evidence that Herman will turn things over to his coordinators and not micromanage.  Harrell doesn’t share offensive philosophies with Herman the OC.... Like Beck did.  Beck was hired to manage Hernan’s Offense.  No way Harrell does this. 

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I checked on the ex Missouri coach Ryan Walters and he's very impressive. He was the Missouri DC for the last two years. His first year they went from the 90's in total defense to the 50's. This year Missouri was 14th in total defense.He's young around 34, and Dbook23 said his friend says he's super smart and prepares for everything and the they always knew what the other team was going to do.
This is the type of guy I'm hoping we hire. A brilliant guy on his way up. If he passes the interview process since that's the rumor then I would be pleased if he were hired. We need someone that can go against Lincoln Riley twice a year.
Dbook23 said he's not a hardass. However, neither was Tony Dungy and he was a DC before he became a HC. I will take super smart over hardass at this point. Besides we can hire Combs as DB coach. He can bring plenty of hardass. Herman may want someone with more experience, but he looks like a rising star.
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UNLV last HC, Tony Sánchez, made $700k a year. Assuming they bump their next HC to $1 million (a significant raise) that would still be close to $1 million less than the Texas OC. 

Obviously that doesn’t account for control of your own program, but still significant money. 

UNLV is a low level Group of 5 job. I think if he stays 2 years at Texas he gets a low level Power 5 job or one of the high end Group of 5 jobs (UH, Memphis, Cincinnati, UCF, etc) and would make more money and be at place with higher chance of success. 

USC seems destined to fall short. I still see hope at Texas. Plus he’s close to home, more comfortable recruiting, and more money. Granted he’s already been there so I can see him not wanting to jump. 

But all in all I think Texas OC is the best job offer he has. 

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49 minutes ago, DBOOK23 said:

"Chris Ash is one of the best recruiters I've ever been around, but he just wasn't from there (New Jersey)." - Urban Meyer

You can like Urban or hate Urban, but when he says someone is one of the best recruiters he’s ever been around......you got to listen to that. Urban really recruited well

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