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HORN IN" On Franchise / Business Ownership

a monthly post with blurbs, links, and other words-of-wisdom

regarding self-employment; career transition;

and franchise / business ownership;

as well as information for business owners

who may be interested in franchising their business.


November  2019


Franchise Opportunity Knocks

Self-employment Beckons

Start answering the call right here.

News you can use to help you find

The right franchise / business opportunity for you.


You Desire To Be Self-Employed...Perhaps A Business Owner Wannabe, But Are Afraid...

...I Was Too!

But, I Slayed The Beast Called "FUD"...Fear-Uncertainty-Doubt


By Larry S. Powell

After spending 25 years in corporate employment (Human Resources), I grew tired of life in “corporate America." Downsizing. Rightsizing. Corporate politics and bureaucracy.  My life as an HR executive was full of stress and true “personal time” was minimal.  Work-Life balance was non-existent….it was time for a change!  And, meeting my lifestyle needs was imperative.  As I had always dreamed of being self-employed, I engaged a franchise consultant and enthusiastically journeyed through the process of finding a franchise to buy.

I am often asked, “Weren’t you nervous / scared?”  Damn right, I was anxious, afraid and full of doubt.  Uncertainty was rampant.  But, I persevered and this is what I learned. 

"Fear" is a powerful and worthy adversary.  The darkness of the unknown has derailed many trains carrying people's dreams.  It is natural for a person who dreams of self-employment / business ownership to be afraid to venture out of the darkness of the starting gate and into the brightness of the exploration process. 

Some race horses are comfortable standing within the structured confines of the starting gate, while others are hell-bent on charging out of the gate and around the track in order to get their reward at the finish line.  As all of us go through life, we choose what our finish line should be, the path we will take to get to the finish line, and the respective reward we will receive.

There are folks who can navigate through the minefield of uncertainty and others who prefer the perception of security that comes from structure and routine.  These thoughts do not convey right or wrong and certainly are not value statements...just statements about preferences and choices that all people must make in their daily lives.

Some people wait for God to give them the “sign” it is okay.  I did.  Perhaps God has already provided the "signs", but fear paralysis blocks your willingness to recognize and understand His message.  And, sometimes that is part of the plan.  I believe His messages are subtle and if you are looking for the proverbial billboard along the expressway as I was...that will never happen.

You should expect to hit the speed bump called Fear-Uncertainty-Doubt, or “FUD”, while going through the franchise / business ownership exploration and validation process.  The process of buying a business / franchise can be extremely exhilarating and simultaneously can be a time of high anxiety…this is normal. 

Fortunately, I persevered and navigated through the “FUD” and was awarded a home improvement franchise-Handyman Connection to operate in the San Antonio, TX area.  I grew this franchise from nothing to a business with substantial equity, while providing me and my wife a healthy cash flow.  Most importantly, I enjoyed a lifestyle with Work-Life balance and no corporate political games. My work-life was driven by my values and ethics and not by others.

While making the “quest” from corporate America to business ownership, I experienced the anxiety that is a normal part of the process of buying a business.  My anxiety and fear had me ready to quit the quest and give up on my dream about 3-4 times.  Fortunately, each time that I was ready to surrender to “FUD”, I would see a scripture or quote in the newspaper, magazine or on a bill board referencing risk…opportunity…achieving your dream, etc.

Messages like…

Optimism-The faith that leads to achievement. 

Take Risks-Don’t be afraid to go on a limb.  That’s where the fruit is.

Opportunity-You’ll always miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

What you get from an endeavor will be directly proportional to what you give to the endeavor.

No risk = No reward.

Take Action-You cannot discover new oceans, unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.

You can't steal second base with your foot firmly planted on first base.

A lot of people approach risk as if it’s the enemy when it’s really fortune’s accomplice.

To fear is one thing.  To let fear grab you by the tail and swing you around is another.

Expect to get nervous.  Don’t let anxiety steal your dream.

These message / quotes helped me to slay the beast called “FUD” and stay focused on my journey to self-employment, franchise ownership and a new life-style. 

And, each time I refocused on my dream and as they say….”The rest is history”.

Remember, a window of opportunity won't open itself



Uncertainty and taking a risk differ says LaRae Quy.  In her article, 5 ways you can overcome uncertainty to be successful, she discusses how many of us have missed tremendous opportunities and experiences because we have chosen to walk away when faced with uncertainty?  You may have experienced this yourself when considering if owning a business / franchise would be right for you.  Ms. Quy lists 5 ways you can be mentally tough and not let uncertainty hold you back



Is Living A Few Years Of Your

Life Like Most People Won’t,

So That You Can Spend The

Rest Of Your Life Like

Most People Can’t.



Entrepreneur Defined… If this describes you or who you want to become, then take the next step.

  • An entrepreneur is a person who will see the embryonic seeds of an opportunity well in advance of others. Others will eventually only see a lost opportunity.
  • An entrepreneur will see risk as an opportunity. Others will see opportunity as a risk.
  • An entrepreneur will look forward to the challenges and hard work that an opportunity will bring. Others will only see an uphill struggle.
  • An entrepreneur will continue to work at that opportunity irrespective of set-backs, make mistakes, pick themselves up and learn from their mistakes. Others will give up the fight when the going gets tough.
  • An entrepreneur will work outside of the normal business framework in order to feel free and unrestricted whilst others will have a need to build an even stronger framework in order just to feel safe.
  • When the opportunity is finally realized, an entrepreneur will not say 'I told you so'. An entrepreneur will say to themselves not others, 'I knew I could do it'. Others will say, 'I wish I had done that'. 


Go confidently in the direction of your dream.

Live the life you have imagined.

                                              -Henry David Thoreau-



Surface Refinishing…

The nation’s largest surface refinishing organization. Our franchise network started over 35 years ago and we have 150 successful franchises across the country. In fact, we are larger than the next three largest refinishing franchises combined.

We’re Specialists… offering cost-saving bath and kitchen surface refinishing solutions to homeowners, hotels, apartments, hospitals, and colleges. Our proprietary refinishing process creates like-new surfaces for bathtubs, tile, showers, and even laminate countertops. Best of all, our refinishing is guaranteed on porcelain, fiberglass, acrylic, cultured marble, laminate and Corian surfaces.

Excellent Growth Opportunity and High Demand… Refinishing is a growth industry and uncluttered when compared to other businesses and demand for refinishing is growing. Literally every home, hotel, apartment complex, college dormitory, nursing home and hospital is your potential customer. Refinishing offers incredible savings of up to 75% of replacement cost of most bathroom fixtures and kitchen countertops.

Family friendly work schedule: A typical workweek is 8 am to 5 pm, Monday – Friday and advance scheduling allows owners the flexibility to work when they want to!

Scalability: Sales and income multiply with each technician they add! Expanding their business is predictable and manageable.

Recession resistant: Whether the economy is booming or receding, homeowners, property and hotel managers, colleges, nursing homes and hospitals are always looking for cost savings and value. Savings of up to 75% on bathroom and kitchen remodels will always have an appeal.

Investment:  $83,359 - $128,999


Winery and Bistro…

Franchise-based winery concept that allows you to own a winery without the cost, risk and uncertainty of a vineyard. Combines the authenticity of winemaking and the winery experience with the accessibility of the wine bar model. State-of-the-art technology allows us to procure quality grapes grown around the world year round. In addition to providing the finished wine for your start-up inventory, we set you on a course to soon be able to make all the wine you sell in your location.

With a full-time staff ready to assist our franchisees with anything from winemaking questions, to marketing and social media, to handling paperwork, forms, applications and spread-sheets, you get to spend more time doing what our franchisees love to do: Run the winery and mingle with guests.

What makes a great Franchisee:

·         First and foremost – MUST be passionate about wine. We can teach all other aspects, but cannot teach the passion.

·         Outgoing personality. Sales and marketing experience are a real plus, but not required.

·         Have at least $150,000 to be prepared to invest – we can usually get financing on the rest needed.

·         Must be fluent in English and understand our hospitality model for the guest experience.

Investment:  $218,088 - $758,622


Sport – Specific / PerformanceTraining…

Our system is comprised of four proprietary components: i) Specialized Equipment, ii) Sport-Specific Training Protocols, iii) Owner Education / Trainer Development, and iv) Business Operations. The business model includes multiple revenue streams and utilizes all day-parts, which optimizes the profitability of the center. Our training center only requires a small footprint: 3,000 to 5,000 square feet.           

Our owners gain un-paralleled access to the world’s best sports training system.   We are  the pioneer and market leader in sports performance training, having trained over 1MM athletes, including 2,500 professional and Olympic athletes (500+ NHL, 500+ NFL, 150+ MLB, 7 Heisman Trophy finalists, MLS, WNBA and the NFL combine’s fastest man). In addition, $315MM in college scholarships have been awarded to our athletes in the past 5 years. The industry is extremely large - in the US, there are roughly 36MM student athletes playing youth, teen and collegiate sports, 21MM adults attending boutique fitness classes, 17MM runners that compete annually in running events and 200K athletes recovering from ACL injuries each year.        

Our CEO was a top-5 world ranked athlete in two sports (swimming and triathlon) and is a seasoned business leader with Fortune 500 and Multi-Unit experience. To drive operating performance, his team has assembled the best operating practices from its most successful centers; developed new programs that have helped centers improve performance and expanded services into all dayparts; provided tools to manage and measure business performance; leveraged critical mass for aggregated purchasing; produced seasonal marketing campaigns that centers may localize; and created resources that help center operators build a winning team.

Investment:  $200,852 - $538,584 (average $300,000)

If you are interested in discussing and learning more about these unique opportunities, please call me at your convenience… 210-479-2491, or if outside San Antonio 888-479-2491.  Or shoot me an email with your phone number and a good day(s) / time(s) to call you.



 Are you in career transition, or contemplating making a change?  Would you like a "sounding-board"?  As a former Human Resources executive and now a Franchise Coach / Consultant, I have over three (3) decades of assisting folks with career transition.  Plus, I have personally walked down that path a couple times myself.  If you would like to visit about career transition in general, entering self-employment via a franchise or business opportunity and / or UT sports, please call me at your convenience… 219-479-2491, or if outside San Antonio 888-479-2491.  Or shoot me an email with your phone number and a good day(s) / time(s) to call you.  I will gladly provide complimentary advice and counsel. And, remember, I'm a coach, not a sales person.

I am a coach / consultant for those who desire to explore and LEARN about franchise and business opportunities…I do not sell or broker franchise / business opportunities.

My role is not to sell you anything other than my ability to help you make an informed decision as to what is best for you and your family to achieve your goals and objectives.  My objective is to help you identify and refine your goals and needs, present to you options that align with those goals, and then to help you make a sound decision that is best for you, your family and your lifestyle.

 Would this scenario be of interest and value to you… a process where you receive assistance to help you better identify your goals, financial requirements, lifestyle needs and what you would like for your work-life to look like; then provided information on self-employment options and guidance on exploring these opportunities within the confines of a supportive, educational and no-obligation environment?   

Have a job you don’t like?  Seek other employment > I call that Changing Your Curtains.  Perhaps, you prefer a bolder approach which may provide a new and invigorating work-life.  I refer to that as Changing Your View.  In 2001, I decided to Change My View.  If you are ready… Let’s Talk.  I can help you Change Your View too…



Is Your Preference Being An

Employee, or Being Self-Employed?

Dream It, or Live It…the choice is yours.


Oliver Wendell Holmes once said, “The great thing in this world is not so much where you stand, as in what direction you are moving.”  Are you allowing your professional life to wander aimlessly, or stand still?  Perhaps you are in career transition and have always dreamed about being self-employed?    Remember, a window of opportunity won’t open itself.


I highly recommend:

 If you are seeking top-quality financial / investment advice...

Teamwork Financial Group and Doug Moe...Texas Ex.

Doug is the CEO of Teamwork Financial Group in San Antonio.  He is an attorney and CPA.  He has provided valuable insight to me and my wife regarding investment / financial advice, including guidance on having a Will vs. Revocable Living Trust, re-balancing our investment portfolio, as well as assisting us move a portion of our IRA investments into Fixed Asset Annuities.  Over the past several months, I have had a number of very enjoyable meetings with Doug, since we have a tendency to spend time talking sports, as well as financial / investment stuff. Doug played basketball at UT in the 80s and is the son of Doug Moe, the former coach of the San Antonio Spurs. And, a great guy.


Do You Need Furniture Repaired...

If so and in the San Antonio area, CALL Pat Bonney...Texas Ex... Owner of a Guardsman Furniture Pro. franchise...The Most Trusted Name in Furniture Repair. Pat was on the UT baseball team in the early 70s.  I have used Pat's service multiple times for a variety of furniture repairs in my business and home.  Great guy and fantastic service.   210-849-9663    Email: gfpsa@sbcglobal.net


Don't Just Change Your Curtains...

Change Your View. I DidMy Story 

2017 newsletters; as well as copies of 2016 and 2015 newsletters can be viewed by going to the Franchise Quest Website.  

Click on the Website link below, or go to:


Resource Center > Newsletter  

Small / medium size business owners:

Would you like to grow your business by franchising. 

$1,000 Referral Bonus $1,000

Additional Information Is Available at Franchise Quest

If you would like to visit, please don’t be shy about reaching out:

I’m a coach, not a sales person.


Larry S. Powell

Registered Franchise Consultant

Certified Franchise Consultant

CLICK HERE For Complete Contact Details

And To View My Video Business Card. 

Franchise Quest...Turning Your Dream Into Reality

San Antonio, TX 78248

210-479-2491 Direct Line-San Antonio

888-479-2491 Direct Line-Outside San Antonio

Email:  franchisequest@sbcglobal.net

Hook 'em 


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