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View from the Cheap Seats-Red River War

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View from the Cheap Seats-Red River War


TEXAS is not ready for prime time.



What AT&T idiot named this the Red River Shootout?  Shootouts were with Arkansas including one of the greatest college football games ever played.  War, Rivalry but not "shoot out".  OK early rant over.


Sorry Sam, TEXAS is not Back.   Had you told us that OU had the best D in the BigXII, we'd have laughed.  This is not last year's OU D and yet oddly, outside of one player, they actually have less talent than last year.  But what they do have is a DC who understands football and builds gameplans/schemes to exploit other teams weaknesses.  If we have offended those who think our staff is above criticism. . . sorry/not sorry. When Greg Robinson replaced Manny Diaz back in 2013, the #1 change he made was getting players to focus on fundamentals.  Not saying we want Coach O gone, we are saying the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result.  Simply put, this scheme does not do well vs quality offenses.



We continue to tackle poorly regardless of normally insightful Joel Klatt's claim that both team tackle well in space.  OU certainly does, we don't, we're actually very poor at it.  Couple that with the inability to contain and you have a recipe for a long defensive day.  And a good DC will not let an opponent's best players beat him.  Hurts with 366 yards of total O and 4 TDs on almost 8 yards a rush.  CeeDee Lamb with an NFL scouting highlight reel day, 10 grabs, 171 yards and 3 TDs.  Cannot stomach going back to watch but those 171 yards aided by at least 20 missed tackles and plenty of YAC (yards after catch). 


Yet having said that, unlike the LSU game, the D did force 2 turnovers in the 1st quarter to keep the game from turning into a route then forced 2 punts plus a 4th down stop in the 2nd half to give TEXAS a chance.


Lots of people warned pre-season (including the Cheap Seats) that this D was young and would experience some growing pains.  There is a reason TEXAS is one of the worst ranked defenses in the nation and would need our offense to carry the day. Sadly neither offense nor defense was up to the challenge today while we begrudgingly applaud Lincoln Riley who has significantly grown as a play caller from his previous days.  Yes, TEXAS showed great heart, never quit, keep the game close, had a chance to tie at the end, platypus platypus platypus (platitude?).  At the end of the day TEXAS did not play well enough to win, this game was very similar to CTH's 1st RRW (we like war better).  CTH & company squandered an early 1st half turnover advantage, they were unable to make Hurts/OU feel any pressure and trailed from the 1st series to the final bell.  And much like this year's LSU game, against a good defense, TEXAS could only manage 1 first half score which puts zero pressure on their opponent.  


Adding to the bad news, we were beaten along both lines of scrimmage.  We are a very poor tackling team and did we mention, Sam was sacked 9 times.  Have no clue what Joe Klatt was saying when he said both teams tackle in space well.  OU does, does Coach Todd teach our guys to duck their heads to tackle???? Really tired of seeing TEXAS defenders duck their heads, refuse to wrap up and try to blast guys with the big "ESPN highlight hit".    And it wasn't just young guys, our senior leadership guilty of missing tackles and over running plays as well.  


Compounding problems, TEXAS also BADLY lost the field position battle and not a good day for that to happen as the running game never got untracked.  On the other sideline, Riley designed a very nice rushing attack to compliment his outstanding passing attack.  


Was asked earlier this year who runs a D that does well vs spread teams?  Guess what, OU does.  Coach Grinch not only runs a better D, he schemed us very well and adjusted even better.  We're still stubbornly doing the same thing.


And despite all of that, we were OU's worst (by far) outing of the year.  If you are looking for silver linings.   Another is there was no quit in the Horns, poor play at times but no quit.   Sam is simply a warrior.  While he wasn't perfect and struggles still with the deep ball, he hit WRs in the hands 4 times on what would be significant gains only to have normally reliable players drop the ball.  Our lack of running also did not help with play action.   


Post game CTH quote:


  Again, losing is not a failure unless you refuse or don't learn from the things that you did poorly. We need to be able to learn from this, put it behind us and move forward."


We can only hope CTH & crew heeds the words above.  This team lacks a consistent running game to make play action more effective.  We are a poor tackling team with a highly questionable scheme.  No we are not chefs but we know when the meal is poor. 



Stats that matter



  1-9  CTH's record when trailing at halftime


  9  How many times Sam sacked


  9  of 14 3rd down attempts where TEXAS faced 3rd and 7 or longer.  Behind the chains


  6-14 on 3rd down, too often TEXAS was behind the chains and failed to sustain drives.


  80  TEXAS rushed for 100 yards, all but 20 came on 2 plays by Roshon for 80 yards 





For the 3rd week in a row, TEXAS did not bring their A game.  This time facing a team with similar talent and sadly, a better coaching staff, left TEXAS with their 2nd loss of the season.  And for the 2nd time this year, TEXAS faced a team a quality opponent and only has itself to blame for not winning the game.  We hope CTH takes an honest look at both sides of the ball as his quote above implies.  Our running game seems limited to dives up the middle or Sam taking off. Not sure why we cannot attack the edges or utilize more of the quick pass/slant routes to get our best players the ball in space.  Our defense simply does not tackle well.  Good news, we can pretty much out talent the next 2 teams on the schedule.  We project TEXAS falls into the 15-20 range ranking wise.  From here, the only thing that really matters is running the table and getting another shot at OU in Dallas. 




  As stated in the pre-season, the schedule sets up very well for TEXAS.  Coming off a brutal loss, TEXAS gets slump buster Kansas to work on fixing some of the issues before traveling to Ft Worth to face the Frogs then a bye week.  CTH gets a great chance to focus on the 1-0 philosophy, which frankly is a good approach.  Can he manufacture a running game?  Can he get Coach O to at least teach some basic tackling?


Mack/UNC watch


3-3 with all 3 losses close.   Need to find 2 wins (we'll give them Mercer) in the next 5 to go bowling.  With 1 more win this year, Mack will have lead UNC to as many wins this year as the last 2 years combined.


Ranking the BigXII


#1  FURK, I hate to type this but OU is CLEARLY the class of the BigXII and focused on another CFPlayoff berth


#2  TEXAS Can still win the BigXII, now effectively eliminated from CFP so Sugar Bowl or New Year's Day 6 for the Horns.  2 quality opponents this year, 2 losses.  



#3  Baylor  needed 2 OTs to fend off a pesky TT upset attempt.  5-0, could they finish with 2 losses?


#4   ISU nice win on the road at WVU.  4-2 overall, bowl visit almost assured


#5  TT  they let the upset get away, 4-3, decent shot at a bowl


#6   OSU  bye  4-2 with Baylor on deck


#7  TCU  bye  3-2  


#8  KSU  bye  3-2


#9  WVU 


#10  Kansas  When does basketball season start.


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