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**Running College Football Updates Thread**


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Some quotes from an aggy board. Some of these are just priceless. lol


Seeing our QB getting thrown around like a rag doll by a hapless Colorado Defense, only to have him knocked out of the majority of the season to be replaced by a disappointing backup. 2. Witnessing the SEC backstab us and let the sips into the conference. 3. Wondering why our 4/5 star players are getting smoked by Arky 3 stars. 4. Watching Ole Miss roll up points like crazy while our offense can barely score a TD per game. 5. Waiting for BAMA to go in dry at night at Kyle (again).


Aggies: We don’t reload, we relapse!


BAS is the emotional equivalent of herpes, a chronic, discomforting malady that recurs with every stressful, disappointing loss.


This one was winnable, but we couldn’t close the deal.

Next week will look like prison rape.


Our OL is still hot garbage and Calzada needs to be publicly shamed, GOT style.


We are the new Arkansas...


I think we have him under contract until he’s 85 years old. But im guessing if he comes close to making the playoff again, we will add another 15 years making him 100 when he retires.


We won’t, we won’t rock you...



Calzada should never put on an A&M jersey ever again.

He is, without question, the WORST QB I have ever seen. And I was there for Jeff Granger.


We are phyucking terrible


It will be funny to watch Jimbo interrupt the questions in the presser following this clusterf##k.


My only entertainment for the night was when they showed that ratty looking grackle and my wife (no rule 1) said “that f##king bird looks worse than our quarterback.”


Our offense looks like the Biden administration.

f##kng clown show.


I’m tired of you Jimbo

You’re a salesman not a coach



Can we get Sherman or Sumlin back please?


Jimbo has a strange look on the sideline. Kind of like he knows the gig is up. The world has just discovered that he is a complete fraud masquerading as an elite football coach.


We bid against ourselves, when absolutely no one was trying to steal Jimbo from us… 9.5 Million/yr for complete trash football. Bout as Aggie as it gets.


We drop out of top 25, Texas is in……Leach beats off on Kyle Field at night on the 50.


$ / win

We gonna be #1


Alabama looking good heading into their bye week.


Fran 2.0. Jimbo road crab stealer. Fran road LT. both got pay days from A&M. Jimbo is worse. Everything is more expensive bc of Jimbo. Can’t stand that dude and hope he quits like Meyer.


Hello Darkness my old friend.

We were not destined to enjoy football. We were destined to suffer. The only path to peace entails divorcing oneself from one’s hope of football success.


We got Bama where we want them.

Before the season they were pointing to our game as the biggest game of the season. Now they will overlook us and focus on Mississippi State and Arkansas coming up. Jimbo’s going to open up the playbook and Bama will never know what hit them.


Jimbo is the equivalent of Coach O just slightly easier to understand when speaking .


Where Would We Be With Leach?

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I look at aggy's schedule and I only see one game that is a sure thing – Prairie View.

You might think Mizzou would be a gimme for aggy, but Mizzou will host aggy at home, coming off a very bad loss at Tennessee. They'll be looking for redemption and could find it against Calzada and Jimbo.

South Carolina might give them a game at Kyle.

The other games are at Ole Miss, at LSU, and at home against Auburn. Thats three losses to go along with the two they already have. So they'll end with five losses and Jimbo gets a raise. lol

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