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**Running College Football Updates Thread**


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I believe it was a series of fortuitous events that made the TCU thing happen.  It’s not because Dykes is a genius or because they have the best player talent in the country.  It is a combination and confluence of many things that have created their success this year. Would they be where they are if Sark was the head coach? Who can say?  Hypotheticals cannot be determined with any degree of certainty.  

I see TCU players believing in their coaches and each other which has created a team unity where everyone is pulling in the same direction.  In the end the players have to make the plays to be successful.  Up til now they have been able to make just enough plays to be in the championship final.  Sometimes Cinderella stories happen and the specific reason can’t be found it just is.  That is what makes it a Cinderella story.

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46 minutes ago, Bear19 said:

We get it you don’t like Sark.

No point in trying to camouflage it.

I have nothing against Sarkproably anice guy

As acoach he has not coached up to what most hought he would.

Bad regresion first year. Improvement second year butstill not as good as we had.

Do not dislike him but very disapointed in coaching.Has he met your expections?

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Some how my post disappeared If thinking several coaches have done a betterjob of coaching than Sark means I dislike him so be it. 

If saying TCU's Play caller gets credit along with Dykes means Idislike sark so be it.

Did you saying Blue does not practice well (not exact words)  mean you dislike him? Have a good  newYear.

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17 hours ago, TFloss32 said:

Rumor out there of why Boutte all of a sudden declared for the NFL Draft and didn't play in their bowl game.

Click the image to read the whole thing.


LSU fans do like to party!


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