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**Running College Football Updates Thread**


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59 minutes ago, Sirhornsalot said:


IS Nebraska a step up from Baylor?

I don't think it is anymore.


Absolutely, yes. 

Note how the dominoes are currently falling in the landscape of CFB right now, with mass realignment and what looks to be a clear Power 2 conference structure, and then everyone else. 

Taking a Big 10 job almost anywhere is a step up from Baylor and Waco... by a mile. 


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16 minutes ago, Dillohorn1 said:

When neb lost Texas recruits by leaving the Big 12, they put themselves in a permanent cellar.

They certainly miss the Texas recruiting pipeline they enjoyed.  

The fact that they are not in the middle of a recruiting hotbed is certainly a disadvantage,  but I think in today's environment of NIL and the transfer portal a top coaching staff could resurrect Nebraska in a few years. 

The hard part is picking a coach that ends up being successful.  If they could get Aranda or Rhule the odds of success would be descent. 

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13 minutes ago, Wayne said:

It’s still big ten vs big 12 - 2 + 4. Nebraska will have a lot more money. But if Baylor is good again this year he can do better. 

Aranda had Baylor winning again two years after rape gate. Small religious private school in boring ass Waco. Yet Aranda pulled it off.

If I were him, I would aim higher than Nebraska. 

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