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**Running College Football Updates Thread**


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14 minutes ago, Wayne said:

aggies are hoping beyond hope that Nebraska hires jumbo shrimp. They might even pay his salary. 

I'm wondering how bad it would have to get for the Ags to pull a Tennessee where their own people start leaking all of the cheating they did to sign the '22 class that way they can fire Jimbo for cause and get him out along with their AD Bjork.

As wild as that sounds, keep in mind these are the people who caught wind of OU and Texas joining the SEC and were absolutely hellbent on using the media to stop it even though the conference wanted to keep it confidential.

Bottom line...this whole operation is a used car salesman facade and people are figuring out reasons why Florida State didn't fight to keep Jimbo.

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This week's AP Top 25.

Problems – No K-State in the ranking.

Aggy loses at home to App State and is still ranked but App State is not.

8 SEC teams are ranked. Of course.

Kentucky is not a top 10 team. Not sure Clemson is either.

Pitt and Oregon still ranked. Not sure why.


  1. 1. Georgia
  2. 2. Alabama
  3. 3. Ohio State
  4. 4. Michigan
  5. 5. Clemson
  6. 6. Oklahoma
  7. 7. USC
  8. 8. Oklahoma State
  9. 9. Kentucky
  10. 10. Arkansas
  11. 11. Michigan State
  12. 12. BYU
  13. 13. Miami
  14. 14. Utah
  15. 15. Tennessee
  16. 16. North Carolina State
  17. 17. Baylor
  18. 18. Florida
  19. 19. Wake Forest
  20. 20. Ole Miss
  21. 21. Texas
  22. 22. Penn St
  23. 23. Pitt
  24. 24. Texas A&M
  25. 25. Oregon


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