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MySanAntonio.com The legend of Dicker the Kicker continues to grow


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AUSTIN – Here’s the truth: Cameron Dicker had no idea a FOX cameraman had homed in on him seconds before “The Wink.”

Until now, it was fun to believe The Kicker – coach Tom Herman doesn’t grant specialists name status until they graduate – was some brash, cold-blooded being immune to the heart-thumping stress of performing in the Red River Shootout.

“I just kind of saw him, we made eye contact and we started laughing,” Dicker said Tuesday. “We like to have fun on the sidelines.”

Maybe that moment of levity helped diffuse some of the tension with last year’s battle between 7th-ranked Oklahoma and 19th-ranked Texas hanging in the balance. Somehow, the game, knotted a 45-45, had come down to whether this true freshman had enough leg and enough chutzpah to blast a 40-yarder in front of 92,300 raucous, boozy fans.

Turned out Dicker had plenty of both.

“I kind of just like to have my mind blank,” said Dicker, now a sophomore. “I go up there telling myself to stay calm, take breathes.

“I like to stay confident and trust myself in everything that I’m doing and just go through knowing that every kick is the same no matter what the situation is. And having the team love you no matter what happens makes it easy for me.”

The legend of Dicker the Kicker expanded last Saturday in a 48-13 win over Rice. He blasted a 57-yard field goal that might have been good from 60-plus within the friendly, weather-free conditions of NRG Stadium.

“I enjoy kicking indoors, every specialist feels that way. They turn the A/C on behind you when you’re kicking,” Dicker quipped.

Dicker's 57-yarder is tied for the seventh-longest in program history, though former Longhorn Russell Erxleben, who hit a 67-yarder in 1977 in addition to five more from 58-plus, was...

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