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Which NBA player would you take?

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No matter what part of the year or season it is, I always enjoy these NBA conversations/debates. Often times there isn't 1 right answer. The conversation itself is what's fun about it. So here's another 1 that's been rolling around in my head.


If you could choose sign 1 NBA player to a contract of 6 years to build a team around, who would it be and why? And you cannot choose Lebron James or Kevin Durant.


My vote would be James Harden.


Why? Well yes, I'm a Rockets fan. But when I try to take my Houston love out of it, this is what I come up with.


First off, he's a guy who can score from all over the court. He can hit a 3, he can pull up for a jumper, and he can get into the lane and muscle his way to the rim. And his scoring can come at any point during the game, including the closing minutes. He also is a good free-throw shooter, shooting a little over 86% on the season right now.


He also isn't a PG. I'm agree with an that in today's NBA it's tough having your best player also be your PG. Find the last NBA team to win a ship that had it's PG as it's best player? Tough answer to find in recent years. And Harden is not a PG.


Besides scoring, Hardin also is a pretty good distributor and rebounder. He averages almost 5 rebounds a game and almost 6 assists a game. And he has his games where he has double digit rebounding and/or assists. And a big key in basketbal, IMO, is ball movement and rebounding.


One knock I have on Harden is his defense. He's not terrible, and he's gotten better as the season has progressed. But it's not where it needs to be.


In the end, I feel like it would be easy to find players that would play well with Harden. He also has a good team-mentality and demeanor. Not a locker room cancer.


Who you got?

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