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HORN IN" On Franchise / Business Ownership

a monthly post with blurbs, links, and other words-of-wisdom

regarding self-employment; career transition;

and franchise / business ownership;

as well as information for business owners

who may be interested in franchising their business.


August  2019


Franchise Opportunity Knocks

Self-employment Beckons

Start answering the call right here.

News you can use to help you find

The right franchise / business opportunity for you.



So many of our dreams at first seem impossible - then they seem improbable - and then - when we summon the will - they soon become inevitable.

                                             ~Christopher Reeve


The Lesser Known Benefits of Franchising

By LaShelle Taylor 

Risk taker! Fueled by passion! Visionary!

These are some of the phrases that come to mind when we think of entrepreneurs. These are also true for people who open a franchise business, though I have to admit when most people picture an entrepreneur it’s of someone who created a new product like Apple or a service like Uber. The fact is while entrepreneurs take on more risk by starting from scratch, there are definitely perks to opening a franchise business. Other than a proven business model, franchisor support, etc., read below about some of the lesser known benefits of franchising.

Behind Door #1: A Network of Peers

When an entrepreneur comes up with a product or service idea, he or she may not have anyone to turn to for advice. After all, the reason for their business is to create something new. 

When someone considers buying a franchise, they are able to contact those who already own a similar business and ask them about the unknowns, the pitfalls, the glories. Furthermore, once they make that purchase and become a fellow franchisee, they can connect with other owners either during trainings with the franchisor, at annual events or simply by calling them up with a question. These kinds of relationships can ease stress when things get hectic or provide useful insights on everything from hiring new employees to the latest social media tips.

Behind Door #2: Industry and Regulatory Updates

While running a business day to day—whether cleaning windows, selling sandwiches, or providing in home care to seniors—it can be a real challenge to stay on top of the latest news in your industry. This is an important benefit of belonging to a franchise network.

The franchisor most certainly should be aware of the happenings in your industry and should share that with you through regular communications and even offer solutions to any upcoming issues. For example, legislation at the national level might impact how much you pay your employees and you may not fully comprehend how to implement it. This is when you’re glad to be part of an organization with experts on staff diving into the data to help you seamlessly integrate whatever is necessary.

 Behind Door #3: Effortless Brand Awareness

As a startup business, there isn’t much in the budget for PR and media. Maybe you are lucky and know a reporter who you can ask for some coverage, but you can’t count on that or that your connection can or will write about your business. 

The franchisor is busy keeping the brand in front of the public, so while you are making sure people get their sandwiches, have their windows cleaned effectively, or  receive high-quality, home care services, the franchisor is talking with the national media. When there is a national ad placed or an article published, it represents you too and what you offer. Not only has this publicity taken no time out of your schedule, it’s yours to use in your local market and share on social media to increase brand awareness for you—and ideally help to grow your business.

 And the Grand Prize Goes To…

Those willing to see the benefits of filling a need in their local community have the potential to build a successful business that can be passed on in their family, sold, or simply help them earn more for retirement. When considering whether a franchise business is right for you, it is critical that you understand the risks and the rewards. 



Is Living A Few Years Of Your

Life Like Most People Won’t,

So That You Can Spend The

Rest Of Your Life Like

Most People Can’t.



Entrepreneur Defined… If this describes you or who you want to become, then take the next step.

  • An entrepreneur is a person who will see the embryonic seeds of an opportunity well in advance of others. Others will eventually only see a lost opportunity.
  • An entrepreneur will see risk as an opportunity. Others will see opportunity as a risk.
  • An entrepreneur will look forward to the challenges and hard work that an opportunity will bring. Others will only see an uphill struggle.
  • An entrepreneur will continue to work at that opportunity irrespective of set-backs, make mistakes, pick themselves up and learn from their mistakes. Others will give up the fight when the going gets tough.
  • An entrepreneur will work outside of the normal business framework in order to feel free and unrestricted whilst others will have a need to build an even stronger framework in order just to feel safe.
  • When the opportunity is finally realized, an entrepreneur will not say 'I told you so'. An entrepreneur will say to themselves not others, 'I knew I could do it'. Others will say, 'I wish I had done that'. 


Go confidently in the direction of your dream.

Live the life you have imagined.

                                              -Henry David Thoreau-


Custom Crafted Solid Concrete Boulder Monument Signage …  

The only franchised company in the United States that specializes in specialty enhanced custom crafted solid concrete boulder monument signage products. Recognized by Military Times as the 4th best Veteran friendly franchise.

“Today’s business owners are looking for unique products and services which attract the general public’s interest…”

An uncomplicated franchise system coupled with low entry cost and minimal inventory requirements. Our franchises produce custom crafted boulders that create extraordinary commercial signage. They are environmentally friendly products that can turn any business into a landmark and are often desired by local zoning regulations where other signage is not. In addition, our franchisees create custom crafted Mailboxes, Fire Pits, Fence and Entrance Pillars and much more all with the natural look and feel of real stone. Businesses, homeowners, churches, schools, parks, associations, municipalities, even memorials. Because of this we see excited continued growth and opportunity.

In addition, the flexibility of our system allows you to transition from your job into business ownership gradually as you do not need employees or a store front to start off like other franchises. Also integrates easily into existing businesses. Our opportunity enables the business owner to build smaller rocks to enhance their income; and / or  to build industrial sized boulders for Stadiums, Big Business or Parks, etc

Our complete line of equipment gives you the freedom to own your own business without taking on the hassles of employees or payroll. Everything needed to make boulders so you can grow at your own pace.

An uncomplicated franchise with the benefits of a system that works together: You pay one low monthly fee regardless of amount of business you do. No weekly reporting or high percentage of gross sales reports. You now become part of a national team that shares ideas and creates new marketing venues that are proven to work in the real world.

This is a unique and uncomplicated franchise opportunity for you…

  • Low overhead with a low initial investment
  • Turnkey operations system with initial training and ongoing support
  • This opportunity can be effectively run with just one person
  • Flexible commitment, full time or part time
  • Materials and supplies are low cost, no expensive inventory
  • Protected territories assure no over-saturated markets

Investment:   $102,140 - $123,545.



By creating each gaming center with a "purpose", we make it simple and pleasurable for guests to have a remarkable experience. Our stores offer extraordinary retail products, remarkable gaming stations and an atmosphere that is worth sharing a story about.

eSports With A Purpose

Screens, games and consoles are all commodities that anyone with access to the internet can provide. Our concept creates specialized gaming stations that are expertly designed based on nearly 30 years of experience.

From the layout of each store to the variety of new and exciting team games, everything we create is designed to help our patrons add to their story of eSports…

A good business you'll feel good about owning

As a Franchisee, you’ll spend your days helping people enjoy a fuller life. You’ll be serving up their favorite entertainment and games, hand selected based on popularity and customer requests. Plus, you’ll also be serving up laughter and smiles, as you satisfy their cravings for challenging games that they love. At the same time, you’ll be teaching your staff members responsibility and the value of living a balanced lifestyle. All the while, building a better future for your family, through business ownership. If that sounds good, this eSports franchise might be the perfect business opportunity for you.

Capitalize on the booming eSports industry (41.3% growth!), positioned to exceed $1B in 2019
     -    Diversify your investment portfolio with a franchise business asset
     -    Start a business while enjoying your current career
     -    Generate and/or increase your residual income
     -    Build a legacy to pass onto future generations

Video games are now a legitimate high school sport         

One of the top eSports games, League of Legends, had tournament viewership peaking at 106.2 million people.   That’s more than the Kentucky Derby, Wimbledon, Daytona 500, and the US Open combined.

As a franchisee, you likely won’t be hosting tournaments as large as the League of Legends championship.  However, there’s a large demand for locations to host smaller tournaments at the local level, and for locations for teams to practice.

In San Antonio, the average Gen Z “athlete” plays video games as their “winter sport”. I know it sounds crazy, but UTSA is handing out scholarships to top players.

If you have even the slightest interest in learning more, don’t wait, as territories are filling up fast. Nobody thought eSports would evolve this quickly, so there’s no telling where it could go from here.  Any industry with 150 million potential customers offers great upside, but it’s rare to discover an industry that large with the opportunity to get in on the ground level.

Over 150 million people play video games in the US, and the opportunity to monetize this group has exploded with the rise of eSports.

Who would’ve thought - kids these days LOVE watching other people play video games, which has brought a lot of money into the industry through player-sponsorships from large companies; massive online streamed tournaments; and local tournaments and meetups like the ones we host at our eSports locations.

 Our proven model has already helped aspiring entrepreneurs open their own business and capitalize on this booming industry. We focus on the branding and marketing, so you can focus on the important parts of the business; developing a fun and safe environment for people to play video games.

Investment:  $199,400 to $325,180.

If you are interested in discussing and learning more about these unique opportunities, please call me at your convenience… 210-479-2491, or if outside San Antonio 888-479-2491.  Or shoot me an email with your phone number and a good day(s) / time(s) to call you.


 Are you in career transition, or contemplating making a change?  Would you like a "sounding-board"?  As a former Human Resources executive and now a Franchise Coach / Consultant, I have over three (3) decades of assisting folks with career transition.  Plus, I have personally walked down that path a couple times myself.  If you would like to visit about career transition in general, entering self-employment via a franchise or business opportunity and / or UT sports, please call me at your convenience… 219-479-2491, or if outside San Antonio 888-479-2491.  Or shoot me an email with your phone number and a good day(s) / time(s) to call you.  I will gladly provide complimentary advice and counsel. And, remember, I'm a coach, not a sales person.

I am a coach / consultant for those who desire to explore and LEARN about franchise and business opportunities…I do not sell or broker franchise / business opportunities.

 Would this scenario be of interest and value to you… a process where you receive assistance to help you better identify your goals, financial requirements, lifestyle needs and what you would like for your work-life to look like; then provided information on self-employment options and guidance on exploring these opportunities within the confines of a supportive, educational and no-obligation environment?   

Have a job you don’t like?  Seek other employment > I call that Changing Your Curtains.  Perhaps, you prefer a bolder approach which may provide a new and invigorating work-life.  I refer to that as Changing Your View.  In 2001, I decided to Change My View.  If you are ready… Let’s Talk.  I can help you Change Your View too…


Is Your Preference Being An

Employee, or Being Self-Employed?

Dream It, or Live It…the choice is yours.


Oliver Wendell Holmes once said, “The great thing in this world is not so much where you stand, as in what direction you are moving.”  Are you allowing your professional life to wander aimlessly, or stand still?  Perhaps you are in career transition and have always dreamed about being self-employed?    Remember, a window of opportunity won’t open itself.


I highly recommend:

 If you are seeking top-quality financial / investment advice...

Teamwork Financial Group and Doug Moe...Texas Ex.

Doug is the CEO of Teamwork Financial Group in San Antonio.  He is an attorney and CPA.  He has provided valuable insight to me and my wife regarding investment / financial advice, including guidance on having a Will vs. Revocable Living Trust, re-balancing our investment portfolio, as well as assisting us move a portion of our IRA investments into Fixed Asset Annuities.  Over the past several months, I have had a number of very enjoyable meetings with Doug, since we have a tendency to spend time talking sports, as well as financial / investment stuff. Doug played basketball at UT in the 80s and is the son of Doug Moe, the former coach of the San Antonio Spurs. And, a great guy.


Do You Need Furniture Repaired...

If so and in the San Antonio area, CALL Pat Bonney...Texas Ex... Owner of a Guardsman Furniture Pro. franchise...The Most Trusted Name in Furniture Repair. Pat was on the UT baseball team in the early 70s.  I have used Pat's service multiple times for a variety of furniture repairs in my business and home.  Great guy and fantastic service.     210-849-9663    Email: gfpsa@sbcglobal.net


Don't Just Change Your Curtains...

Change Your View. I DidMy Story 

2017 newsletters; as well as copies of 2016 and 2015 newsletters can be viewed by going to the Franchise Quest Website.  

Click on the Website link below, or go to:


Resource Center > Newsletter  

Small / medium size business owners:

Would you like to grow your business by franchising. 

$1,000 Referral Bonus $1,000

Additional Information Is Available at Franchise Quest

If you would like to visit, please don’t be shy about reaching out:

I’m a coach, not a sales person.


Larry S. Powell

Registered Franchise Consultant

Certified Franchise Consultant

CLICK HERE For Complete Contact Details

And To View My Video Business Card. 

Franchise Quest...Turning Your Dream Into Reality

San Antonio, TX 78248

210-479-2491 Direct Line-San Antonio

888-479-2491 Direct Line-Outside San Antonio

Email:  franchisequest@sbcglobal.net

Hook 'em 


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