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J.B. TexasEx

Horns Down

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*sigh* Rule 9-2-1 

Context matters when determining if "horns down" is indeed a foul. To be safe, I'd just tell my players not to do it if I'm the 0u and WVU coaching staffs. It's always premeditated and intended to draw attention to yourself or demean your opponent - UT players & fans.

Unsportsmanlike Acts
ARTICLE 1. There shall be no unsportsmanlike conduct or any act that
interferes with orderly game administration on the part of players, substitutes,
coaches, authorized attendants or any other persons subject to the rules, before
the game, during the game or between periods. Infractions for these acts by
players are administered as either live-ball or dead-ball fouls depending on when
they occur. 
a. Specifically prohibited acts and conduct include:
1. No player, substitute, coach or other person subject to the rules shall use
abusive, threatening or obscene language or gestures, or engage in such
acts that provoke ill will or are demeaning to an opponent, to game
officials or to the image of the game, including but not limited to:
(a) Pointing the finger(s), hand(s), arm(s) or ball at an opponent, or
imitating the slashing of the throat.
(b) Taunting, baiting or ridiculing an opponent verbally.
(c) Inciting an opponent or spectators in any other way, such as
simulating the firing of a weapon or placing a hand by the ear to
request recognition.
(d) Any delayed, excessive, prolonged or choreographed act by which
a player (or players) attempts to focus attention upon himself (or
(e) An unopposed ball carrier obviously altering stride as he approaches
the opponent’s goal line or diving into the end zone.
(f) A player removing his helmet after the ball is dead and before he
is in the team area (Exceptions: Team, media or injury timeouts;
equipment adjustment; through play; between periods; and during
a measurement for a first down).
(g) Punching one’s own chest or crossing one’s arms in front of the
chest while standing over a prone player.

(h) Going into the stands to interact with spectators, or bowing at the
waist after a good play.
(i) Intentionally removing the helmet while the ball is alive.
(j) Dead-ball contact fouls such as pushing, shoving, striking, etc. that
occur clearly after the ball is dead and that are not part of the game
(k) After the ball is dead, using forcible contact to push or pull an
opponent off the pile.


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