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2022 Recruiting Board/Thread

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Quinn Ewers looks like the Lone Star State's next great QB


Back before he took his star turn at Southlake (Texas) Carroll, and before he became the No. 1 quarterback in the class of 2022, Quinn Ewers made his mark in the family living room. 

Quinn and his father, Curtis, came up with a game in which they’d toss a football back and forth, catching it one-handed and throwing it back in a perfect spiral without changing the grip. Perfection was required, or else the streak was broken. Naturally as young Quinn got better and better, it was a game that would go on for a long time before someone fired back a wobbler in defeat.

Of course, things would break along the way. 

Lamps went down, so did pictures, and mom Kristen came home one day to find the head of one of her ceramic angels glued back on. There were a lot of good days, but for the Ewers men that definitely wasn’t one of them.

“Quinn and I roughhoused from the moment he came out of the womb,” said Curtis, who was a former Texas high school quarterback himself.

“There were marks all over the walls of our old house from football and basketballs,” Quinn added.

Eventually Kristen stopped buying fragile stuff like ceramic angels and ultimately relinquished any control of playing ball in the house. In fact, she did a 180 and embraced it. 

“My house is meant to be lived in, so go ahead boys,” she said. 

This past fall the spirals once spinning inside the living room were flying all over the field. The 6-foot-3, 195-pound Lone Star State gunslinger had a magical sophomore season, completing over 72 percent of his passes for 4,003 yards and 45 touchdowns to just three interceptions. He rumbled his way to 568 more yards and nine scores, directing the Dragons to a 13-1 campaign that ended in the state quarterfinals loss to a loaded Duncanville team, where Ewers went off for 393 yards and three touchdowns in the 49-35 defeat.

“Quinn Ewers might be QB1,” a staff member from a high-profile program texted 247Sports the next afternoon.

Indeed he now is, also checking in at No. 2 overall in our fresh Top247. Alabama, Auburn, Ohio State, Oklahoma and Texas are among the programs in the thick of it at this point to ultimately sign Ewers, who has been a natural throwing the football for as long as anyone can remember.

“Me and my dad would go out to the local football field and just play around or our backyard and it’s always been me throwing the ball to him and playing football and really that’s all we would do,” Ewers said. “He told me when I was four I was throwing the ball 15 to 20 yards. I guess that’s when he knew I should get some real training.”

A couple years later the elder Ewers took his son to see famed high school coach Sonny Detmer, who he knew from growing up in the San Antonio area. Detmer of course is the father of former NFL quarterbacks Ty (who won a Heisman at BYU) and Koy, and was first to project what we’re seeing from Ewers now.



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