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2022 Recruiting Board/Thread

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3 hours ago, Sirhornsalot said:

Its posts like Mike's, where we learn just how much is being dropped, illegally (when it could be done legally), that make you just feel bad for them for a second. And then the moment is over and you got back to laughing. lol

Mike's post also makes me wonder how the sooners will compete in the SEC. With the current state of the oil and gas industry in Ok as well as recent SCOTUS decisions giving more power to the Tribes, it may be difficult for the sooners to find the kind of donors able to shell out the money needed to compete at a high level in the $EC. Not that it breaks my heart if my hypothesis is in any way accurate.

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23 minutes ago, jrcruz1026 said:

He needed to go, he was not producing on the recruiting front and not getting much out of any of our receivers other than Worthy on the field 

This seems like another reason to be optimistic. Coaches want to work for Sark and he has very high standard,  both in developing and recruiting. 

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17 hours ago, jrcruz1026 said:

We gotta stop worrying about how others are doing and self reflect; our program was an embarrassment this year; its sad bc yes for over a decade we've been nothing close to a blue blood program, we need yo get back to that, it comes down to blocking and tackling on the field...

It's been said a number of times:  We suck until we don't

still waiting on the "until we don't"

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1 hour ago, TB14 said:

Hints were Campbell may have sent in his ppwk but still waiting to announce at the All-American game. We shall see. 

I haven't seen any major sources quoted as saying so (please share if anyone has info) but this is the thought.

It occurred late Friday night, just before the deadline for LOI to be sent in. Sark used the Mark Henry GIF, which has been used to signal OL commits previously. Campbells uncle (who is his coach) tweeted out two emojis at the same time (a flexing arm and praying hands). It was also pretty quite among the other coaches, meaning, I didn't see a wave of tweets being sent out. Perhaps this is because Campbell wanted this to stay relatively quite so he has his chance to announce. It also just makes sense that Texas is the clear choice for Campbell. Still lots of unknowns for him at OU, though, keeping Bedenbaugh there probably helped. 

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4 minutes ago, TFloss32 said:

IT saying there's a good chance that Texas won't add an OL from the portal due to the recent additions to the '22 class.

If we don't hear about any portal names, it's a good indication of where they sit with Devon Campbell.

I should add that IT threw out some hints that Campbell has already signed with Texas.

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Staff closed on the OL well enough to only add someone that is a clear starter from the portal. If a backup former 4* is in the portal without much college playing time enters then I think we pass. 

Why sign that guy when we probably have someone better coming in with more eligibility?

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1 hour ago, UTfish said:

That's true, but they usually have competition. 

Every year its the same thing.  This guy is a day one starter. 

I still remember Patrick Hudson was the answer to everything and we didnt even see him until year 2?  then he medically retired I think.  Our OL has sucked wind for a very long time, even when Conner Williams was here.  To think some 17-18 year old OL is just going to stroll in here and start is very unusual and highly unlikely.  OL is one of those positions that takes a certain level physical toughness, stamina and mental understanding.  Its not like sticking a freshman RB into the system in year one.  Even if they are more talented than the existing group of linemen, which is more than likely true, its not going to be pretty at first.  They have to build an understanding and cohesiveness together as all OL have to.


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On 8/15/2021 at 11:01 PM, Sirhornsalot said:

I will say this . . . Texas may lay out an announcement around or after the OU game. It may or may not be in conjunction with OU but Texas will announce we are paying the exit fees to the Big 12 to join the SEC in 2022.

Can't speak for OU but everyone seems to think they will pay too.

I've seen this spoken of at TFB and my buddy down in Austin has said as much as well.

If this happens, there will be 1-3 recruits who will commit or flip to us. At least one of them is a 5-star.


I don't see anyway we are in the sec in 2022 and the clock is ticking on 2023 now...  2023 will be the earliest but 2024 is becoming a possibility everyday.

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