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Report: De’Gabriel Floyd To Miss 2019 Season


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52 minutes ago, T-ShirtHorn said:

Never heard of spinal stenosis getting better, but we will see 

Then I'm your first person that got better. In my case I was told I would never be able to work again. Fortunately, I knew steroids shots would only make it worse. I did research and found prolotherapy which is injections without any negative side effects.

I also did physical therapy such as stretching, dry needle, tens unit, ultrasound and a traction unit. If De'Gabirel decided to do prolotherapy then I would expect him to play for UT again if not this year then next. However, without it then I would be surprised if De'Gabirel ever plays football again from my experience.

This is a MD in Austin that I looked up. Hopefully, something that knows De'gabirel will show him and he will want a consultation.




What Can Prolotherapy Do?


Prolotherapy takes a different approach to healing than conventional medicine. The basic principle is that the body’s own natural healing process is the most efficient solution. With prolotherapy, solutions are injected into tissue, which cause acute inflammation, and trigger the healing response. New collagen is formed, leading to stronger, more durable ligaments, tendons, and other connective tissue.


In the case of spinal stenosis, a prolotherapist would be treating the vertebral ligament laxity, rather than the structure of the actual bone. In other words, in prolotherapy, it is believed that many cases of spinal stenosis are due to weak, unstable ligaments around the spine. This instability is the root cause of the narrowing passageways and bone spurs. By treating the foundational reason for the disease, rather than the result of the disease, true healing is possible. According to leading prolotherapist, Dr. Ross A. Hauser, of the spinal stenosis cases treated at his firm, prolotherapy has proved to be about ninety percent effective. Because tissue is genuinely healed after treatment, it is possible for prolotherapy to eliminate chronic pain completely



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14 minutes ago, secsux said:

Didn't TJ Ford have spinal stenosis? 

Yes, TJ has this diagnosis.  Stenosis means narrowing, and is an issue with poor spacing for neurological structures.  This can be isolated with nerve roots coming off the spinal cord being compressed due to poor spacing between vertebrae, or a bigger issue with the actual spinal canal being too narrow and putting direct pressure on the spinal cord.  Poor spacing causes abnormal pressure and/or impingement (pinching/compression) of nerves or the spinal cord which can cause pain, loss of sensory function, and loss of motor control and/or paralysis if extreme (see TJ Ford at initial injuries).  If this is a single segment issue at the spine it can be from an injury where the spacing is damaged/diminished and is easier to deal with than a multi-segmental issue at the neck which is most likely a congenital issue.  Surgical fusion of 1-2 levels for an isolated stenosis issue is manageable, but if the entire cervical spine has this issue it doesn’t sound great for a linebacker.  Hopefully this is an isolated issue that will heal with rest and rehab.  However, as with TJ we saw that it reoccurred and was quite scary watching his injuries on TV.  TJ has the congenital issue with narrowing of his spinal canal, and I believe he had a major surgery to fuse the majority of his cervical spine.  Again, hopefully Floyd has an isolated issue that is more manageable for return to playing in the future.

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26 minutes ago, Sirhornsalot said:

Probably an unknown until now. Nevertheless, I offer and take him anyway because he earned it and wanted to be a Horn. If PD is right, then we'll see the young man in burnt orange again.

You’d offer him anyways even if you knew he had spinal stenosis ? 

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32 minutes ago, Sirhornsalot said:

Probably an unknown until now. Nevertheless, I offer and take him anyway because he earned it and wanted to be a Horn. If PD is right, then we'll see the young man in burnt orange again.

Unfortunately, since it's natural and not something from a pharmacuelcal company most doctors won't touch it. I went to a naturopath to receive injections.. It wouldn't surprise me that the UT doctors would not think prolotherapy is a good idea and that would be shame.

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5 hours ago, texasdalton said:

There are a number of players in the league that have had this. He can be back. He needed a redshirt year anyways.

I don't know enough about De'Gabriel to know if he needed a redshirt year. However, from everyone I read he was going to play this year because of his talent and need.

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20 hours ago, Daniel Seahorn said:

True freshman LB De’Gabriel Floyd has been sitting out spring practice due to injury, and now per reports he is likely to miss the 2019 season.


I hate that for Floyd. He is one of my preseason favorite players. A big thank you to the Texas A Department for sparing no expense in screening our atheletes for injury prevention. 

If this is the same congenital I am somewhat familiar with, it is a narrowing of the bone structure surrounding the spine cord. Is that correct?

i don’t know what treatment/treatments are available, but surely something is that will yield positive results for his future  as a Longhorn.

Carpe Diem, Gabe!

Hook ‘em!!!


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