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***Official Texas @ Stanford weekend baseball thread

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4 hours ago, Bear19 said:

You obviously forgot about basketball. 


The sad part is I actually erased the last part of my comment where I was going to say that I wish men's basketball would get their act together but too late now! Seriously though, they have a great game against a good opponent one week and then lose to junior high teams the next. That, to me, indicates that it is not a lack of skill on the court but rather on the sidelines. Smart is wholly on the hotseat in my opinion. But I know less about basketball than I do baseball so I could be way off base. Pun absolutely intended. 

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I wouldn’t go back to Stanford, unless, the officials were from a neutral conference.  The announcers were brutal enough to justify it. 

The home plate call just icing on the cake. Here’s mud in your eye, Blue!

May it rain on you, Stanford, every baseball weekend, and may your fans continue to sit wherever they want during any big home stand  

(Now that was an embarrassment!)

Hook ‘em!

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56 minutes ago, java said:

Glad we didn’t renew. Their gate is a joke. 

As much as it has been a staple of my baseball season to see Texas play at Sunken Diamond, after this weekend I tend to agree with you Java. 

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