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Texas hangs on, defeats No. 20 Oklahoma 75-72

Harrison Wier

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After a very strong start in the first half, Texas gave way a bit in the second but held on to defeat a very sound Sooner squad. As usual, the second half woes on offense were created by Texas’ lack of production from beyond the arc. The Longhorns shot a measly 22% from 3 in the game, but made them count late when Jase Febres hit from downtown to give Texas a 73-69 lead. 

The Longhorns let Oklahoma stay in the game after Matt Coleman and Jaxson Hayes missed some important free throws, but ultimately were able to hold on for a three-point victory. Speaking of free throws, Texas has improved in that area drastically over the past few weeks. Tonight, the Horns made 80% of their free throws. Shaka Smart’s squad continues to improve defensively, but offensive droughts continue to hinder Texas from putting away games. Ultimately, Texas came out on top with a big win that will help when it come decision time for the NCAA Tournament. 

Final Stats:

Roach II: 23 pts, 8 reb, 3-6 3pt

Hayes: 15 pts, 6 reb, 5 blk

Osetkowski: 15 pts, 11 reb, 2 stl 

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I watched the replay finally, big win for the Horns. It's always good to be ou, in anything.

Osetkowski played like he used to play, down low and with aggression.

Roach was Roach, good to see that. Loved seeing him and Coleman driving to the hoop. We need more of it.

Hayes is a player, no doubt. His 4th foul was not a foul at all. Even the commentators mentioned that wouldn't be a foul at the next level, so why is it in college? Just shows you, even refs can make mistakes. Be that said, he is prone to picking up cheap fouls.


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This was easily the best home crowd we've had all season. Like tejas said, Dylan easily played his best all-around game this season. I guess he needed McConaughey to inspire him...

I gotta say though, it's sad that McConaughey has to tell the players to get off of the bench and get hyped for their teammates. Hell, he looks more locked in than Shaka has at times this season...


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