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Yes it sucks.  I was convinced that replay would overturn it, but they were too weak.  I hope that Herman appeals it, if it can be appealed.  It was bogus.

Total domination!

Georgia is the team that looked like it was going to beat Alabama, and we d.o.m.i.n.a.t.e.d. Georgia.

Bevo set the tone from the beginning.

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3 minutes ago, MikeV73 said:

Anyone feeling curb stomped by the sec tonight?  HELL NO!!!!!

The "BDF" (as aggy calls it) was 3-1 vs the $ec and the one loss was to Bama. Maybe the Big XII's bowl record would have been better if they just played $ec teams?  :P

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    • So far today I have not received the error message I had been receiving. I also have not received the pics of the Austin shindig I was promised. 🙂
    • Every coach in their district ruled in favor of the kids to play. Doesn't seem very shady to me. This stuff literally happens all the time. I also said in a previous thread when the WR aggy commit for Tomball was ruled ineligible, the UIL constantly rules players eligible or ineligible all the time. The only time yall hear about it is with a high profile recruit (like wr for aggy) or some other reason (briles). Nothing to see here except click bait, and I'm not a briles supporter.  
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    • Here's an updated story. IMHO, seems a tad shady. Thoughts? https://www.dallasnews.com/high-school-sports/football/2019/09/18/two-mount-vernon-players-coached-by-former-baylor-coach-art-briles-ruled-eligible-to-play-at-dec-hearing/  
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