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2021 Recruiting Board/Thread

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Top Posters In This Topic

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What I like about this site is the quality of the posters.  I'm on most Longhorn sites where I can bring out my alter ego asshole persona.  And, believe me, posters on those sites will happily confirm

CB for James Brockermeyer to Texas

I'm sorry - got distracted before I could finish.  I have been told that the coaches are beyond thrilled with our offensive possibilities.  There sre some kids that have and are performing beyond

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2 hours ago, Eastexhorn said:

We should have a good OL every year. Its not rocket sciece. Recruit adquate numbers every year, redshirtthem and by time they are jrs. and srs. OL will be good.

Switching OLcoaches has not beenthe answer so far

You think our OL issues have been recruiting?  Honest question.  

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14 hours ago, 83Dee said:

You think our OL issues have been recruiting?  Honest question.  

       Not in quality of players. Just not enough bodies to produce a very good OL. IMO there should be 18 OL on roster.

Three deep plus some spare bodies.

Texas has had bad luck with OL the last 7 or 8 seasons Injuries players had to go medical and never played.

Charlie tried to have better numbers but was just unlucky. So far Tom has never had adquate numbers IMO.. This years OL recruiting is a mystery to all.



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14 hours ago, MBHORNSFAN said:

Nope... He loves the Texas offer.  Told OB Texas might be moving up to his favorite.

Well, doesn't every kid love every offer? Have you ever met a kid who actually did not like an offer? lol

"Ronald Blake received an offer today from LSU. Early word from Blake is that he's pissed."


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1 hour ago, MBHORNSFAN said:

The ole mocking of pay sites to build your self esteem... Well done... 

No, I mock your attitude. You have this attitude toward others here that if you don't pay $9.95 per month for info somewhere else and in particular – a place where you also pay monthly (apparently to build your ego), then it's not good info. This is a farce and you should stop doing it. We're not 12 yo here.

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11 minutes ago, Bear19 said:

SHA and MB pissing on each other’s shoes. All is right with the world. We must be nearing a cure for Covid.

He brags on OB and calls TFB a "sooner site" even though OB has a sooner sister site the same as TFB does, but has no Ex-Longhorns writing for them as TFB does.

Before Ketch latched onto OB, he worked for a Texas Tech site.

Mike's corner of this world is always a bit confusing. lol

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