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25 minutes ago, CoachEmUp64 said:

Did we offer as a RB or  CB? looks like most schools are offering him as a CB but he also has from RB offers as well. I'm assuming a CB since he tagged Valai

I didn't want to jump the gun here since I noticed Green tagged Coach Valai in his post, but Oklahoma's 247 site claims both OU and Texas offered Green at CB.

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Should be heating up on the recruiting front pretty quickly. Usually Texas struggles in March then gains steam at the end of Spring and all through the summer.

Hopefully the new staff will keep it strong year round.

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15 hours ago, texbound said:

Nooooo!!!!  I want this guy in the front 7 next year.  Kid can flat out play.  

Anyone know if Texas has contacted him or if he has plans to visit UT?

A few from Texas are following him, but hard to say if any significant conversations have happened.

No plans for him to get to Austin at this time.

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