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2021 Recruiting Board/Thread

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12 hours ago, Slimer said:

Perroni says Texas isn't a factor for Donovan Jackson despite multiple other sites and regional coverage guys saying Texas may even lead and putting in picks.  This should be fun.

He's trying to set up the "Texas is paying recruits" narrative.

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What I like about this site is the quality of the posters.  I'm on most Longhorn sites where I can bring out my alter ego asshole persona.  And, believe me, posters on those sites will happily confirm

CB for James Brockermeyer to Texas

I'm sorry - got distracted before I could finish.  I have been told that the coaches are beyond thrilled with our offensive possibilities.  There sre some kids that have and are performing beyond

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17 hours ago, Slimer said:

Perroni with a not so good article for aggy about Donovan Jackson after the game.  Jackson basically said aggy crowd wasn't loud and OL run game was disappointing.  Perroni says he's also noticing what Texas OL is doing.  I think we know how this ends.

I think you're seeing the beginning of letting his readers down slowly, much like he did with Xavion Alford.

Hopefully Texas will ultimately be the pick.

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17 minutes ago, TFloss32 said:

DE Tunmise Adeleye of Katy Tompkins told 247 recently that his top three right now is A&M, Alabama and Ohio State.

Teammate of QB Jalen Milroe.



This one has always seemed like it would be a wild ride. I don't think all is lost yet, but not a good look. Recruiter Jalen will do fine for us I believe.

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1 hour ago, Rotty22 said:


It will be an early xmas gift.  My aggie BIL was so upset watching the Auburn game, it brought (Happy) tears to my eyes.  😂

They really took that loss personally, didn't they? They are really pissed off and had spent a whole summer convincing themselves that Auburn would be a W

Now this. lol

They're worried about Arkansas. Not sure why. lol

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20 hours ago, TFloss32 said:

Yet another '21 who could be a Texas target at Texarkana Pleasant Grove.

LB Nick Martin...watch the film, not his offer list.



Nick puts in the work and has had a huge year so far for PG. He is in phenomenal shape and is only a junior. I told Sirhornsalot before the season to keep an eye on him. His offer list is going to grow. Another kid from PG to watch is Torrey Phillips. He is raw but is getting the coaching that he was missing out on compared to Burris and Jackson. He is as big as Burris and maybe faster. He received his first two D1 offers last week in AR and LA Tech. Plus, he is only a junior too. He has made a difference in how teams have to scheme against Landon Jackson. Burris and Phillips are DEs, which allows Jackson to play as a B Backer / stand up DE. Teams are having a very difficult time blocking Jackson.

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