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What Really Happened The Night Oscar Pistorius Killed His Girlfriend?


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I wanted to dive into this Oscar Pistorius case because it's a case that may go on for a while. I know gut feeling likely says Pistorius murdered his girlfriend in cold blood. But let's sort through both sides before we come to that conclusion.


Below is a link to one of the many stories on this case but it shed light to both possibilities.

'Blade Runner' Oscar Pistorius Kept Weapons in His Bedroom for Security, Journalist Says - ABC News


Theory 1: Intentional Murder


Oscar Pistorius is most famously known for his "blade runner" knick-name and his performance in the 2012 Olympics as the first amputee to run in the Olympics. As a resident of the dangerous country of South Africa, he has multiple guns in his house, including a pistol by his bed and an automatic rifle placed elsewhere in his room. What many may not know about Pistorius is that he "is generally easy going and relaxed, but prone to drastic shifts in mood" the ABC article reads. "On days his mood would swing the other way, and he could be very miserable and down, surly, and there was no reason to explain it," one reporter added. In addition to this "Police said they have heard reports of an argument or shouting at the apartment complex, and that the only two people on the premises were Steenkamp and Pistorius. Police also confirmed there have previously been incidents of a domestic nature at the home of Pistorius."


Essentially, Pistorius has been known to have big mood swings, often in a negative way. And there is also known domestic incidents that had occurred between the couple. The fact that the police are making that public and also instantly charging the athlete with murder let you know which side of the fence they stand on. From this, it's easy to assume Pistorius may have had one of his mood swings caused by a prior dispute with his girlfriend that drove him to shoot and kill her. Also, since Pistorius did live in a dangerous area he had armed guards, thick walls, and alarm systems through out his house. One would think that if it were actually an intruder, the alarm system would have tripped and Pistorius would have been aware of the threat. But since it didn't trip, should't he have known it may be someone he knew, like his girlfriend? Which adds to the notion that he murdered her in cold blood on purpose.



Theory 2: He Thought He Was Shooting an Intruder


As I stated earlier, Pistorius is from South Africa, which has an extremely high crime rate. "Gated communities are increasingly popular with the wealthy in South Africa, as well as the middle class. Guard dogs, electric fencing and complex security systems are designed to protect residents from threats from the outside world," reads ABC News. The night of the shooting wasn't the first time Pistorius may have mistaken a false alarm for a true threat. "Pistorius' concerns about his personal safety in his home were similarly reflected in a January 2012 New York Times article, in which he described his reaction to a security alarm going off in his home. When the alarm triggered, he crept downstairs, gun in hand, only to find nothing, according to the Times report." And there's another report that he almost attacked a washing machine when it was making noise in the closet. On top of this, Pistorius employed armed guards to watch is residence. But with all these precautions, is it possible that he was paranoid of outside threats? "Pistorius told McEvoy that he worried that the guards were working with potential burglars on invading his home."

Is it reasonable to think Pistorius was paranoid and did mistake his girlfriend for being an intruder and a threat to him in his home? Public opinion will form one conclusion, and the court will form one as well.


As a side note, the prosecution may also use the fact that Pistorius had an extremely large arsenal of guns in his home to paint his picture even in a more negative way. "Even by the standards of a very scary area where he lived, it was unusual for him to have as [many guns] as that," said one reporter. Regardless of where you stand on owning guns/gun control, the fact that he owned a lot of guns and "enjoyed shooting" can't really be used as evidence that he is a murderer and would kill his girlfriend. I know people who enjoy shooting and own a good number of guns but they are not cold-blooded killers, nor are they even mean or mentally unstable people. So the thinking that owning a lot of guns directly relates to being a murderer cannot be relied upon as actual evidence.



Big Picture


On one hand, Pistorius can be painted as someone who had drastic mood swings and was driven by emotions and past domestic problems to murder his girlfriend.

On the other hand, Pistorius can be painted as a paranoid individual living in a dangerous area who mistook his girlfriend to be an intruder, and in result he fired his gun to defend himself and to eliminate the threat.


The questions I'd like answered are:

What time did the shooting occur?

When he went to bed, was his girlfriend home?

If she was home, was she asleep next to him when he went to sleep?

If she was not home, did he know she was out and would return that evening?



Regardless of the outcome, this is a sad story. It's easy to rush to a conclusion but consider all the possibilities before you do. I tend to lean towards the first theory... In the end no one may know the true story besides Pistorius himself.

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I have read so many renditions of what supposedly happened. This is a tragedy. If his paranoia is what ultimately led to the death of that woman then he might have had some weird obsession with harming people. This could be a case of him envisioning a terrible event (and subsequently stocking up on guns) and the event playing out in an unfortunate manner.


If he killed her in cold blood, then he has an ego the size of Texas. He has been charged with premeditated murder and my guess is he doesn't wiggle out of this one.


Dude was a national hero. Sad.

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