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Saturday With Uncle Beevomav..Sunday Edition


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OK..a day late!


The men's basketball team got El Kobongo back and right out the shoot they beat Iowa State. Head coach Rick Barnes looking for a bit of motivation proclaimed it a new season. Well the second season of 2013 came back to earth, like the first season, with an ugly loss to Kansas. For those keeping count, season one the Horns went 11-13, season two they got better and went 1-1 and hopes arise when season three begins Tuesday with a game against TCU. It's simple, lose and season four starts Saturday when the team visits KSU. I'm holding out for season nine of 2013 to be the one.


Note to Rick Barnes..Kansas don't scare. Black uni's don't make a team. Shooting 21% is about right for a second grade girls team, not a NCAA division one team.




This from Bleacher Report. It's OK to use because we all know they stole it from somewhere else.


Take a deep breath, Texas fans...you're looking good to go for 2013. The offense loses receiver Marquise Goodwin and that's about it. On the defense, end Alex Okafor (ouch) and safety Kenny Vaccaro are gone.


Seriously? That's it?


The Longhorns aren't even in reload mode—they're in "take a good look at us because we're coming to your neighborhood" mode. Be scared, Big 12 fans.


Anyone else miss this guy?





Five-star power forward Julius Randle is taking his official visit to Kansas this weekend. In addition to the ESPN College GameDay scene, he’ll watch the Jayhawks retire Mario Chalmers’ uniform.


Texas, of course, is in the thick of the race for Randle. He took his official visit to Austin last weekend to catch the Longhorns lose by 13 to Oklahoma State. Afterward, Randle said the final score, and Texas’ overall season, had no impact on his decision. Seriously? We can only hope he loves Austin and 40 Acres because Barnes' team did nothing to help Randle make the decision in UT's favor


CBS Sports’ Bruce Feldman had a mailbag on Friday. And one of the questions asked prompted him to bring up the division between Texas and Texas A&M yet again. Here’s the question and answer:


From @cherod05: “if you woke a 60-year-old, die-hard CFB fan who’s been in a 5-year coma, which realignment move would shock him the most?â€


Probably seeing Texas A&M and Texas split apart, with the Aggies in the SEC. He’d also probably do a double-take when he heard that A&M is the hottest program in the country. Then again, if he’s been asleep five years, he probably wonders, ‘What the heck happened to USC?’


and finally...In other breaking news, the Pope disgusted with the direction of UT sports direction, has stepped down. It's the first time in over 700 years and we can only hope it will influence Dodds, Barnes and Brown to do the same.

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Great SWUB post dude. I don't know how anyone can be happy with Rick Barnes at this point and I certainly don't know how J. Randle can think Texas would be a better basketball school for him.... BUT..... He does like Texas and he would be a game-changer for the program. I don't know that anyone thought we would actually beat Kansas in a night game at the Phog. Remember, they actually have a pretty intimidating basketball atmoshphere. Something we need to take note of. babies can fall asleep in their mother's arms in the Erwin Center.....


Here's to missing the tournament this year....



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The Erwin Center is a dump and the problem is Texas has never had a tradition like Kansas. It's way past time to make a bold statement. It's time to think big picture and get a top ten basketball coach in here. The money's there and it can't be done on the cheap.

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the erwin center is a dump and the problem is texas has never had a tradition like kansas. It's way past time to make a bold statement. It's time to think big picture and get a top ten basketball coach in here. The money's there and it can't be done on the cheap.


amen. Amen. Amen.

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Good stuff in this SWUB. It is pretty amazing to think about all the players who will be returning in 2013... The problem, especially on defense, is the players didn't necessarily play well. I guess when give time we expect players to automatically improve. But until I see it, I'm not convinced that Longhorns will see huge improvements.


I miss Kevin Durant and all the other players who bolted earlier. People have used the fact that players left Barnes' team early as a defense for Barnes. I use it as just the opposite. Other than a chance to play in the NBA, was there another reason they left early? Like not really enjoying the basketball program Barnes has created? Just a question...


USC is a train wreck of a program right now and I'm thankful Texas doesn't have a mess of that magnitude on their hands. But I do think it's about time to move in different directions at AD, and HC with some sports... Coaches have been great, but times are changing and so are the sports themselves.

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