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Another Shaka shitshow

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There are a shameful amount of tickets left considering we're playing the Big 12's first place team tonight. Trust me, I get it. Overall, they haven't inspired the most confidence in the fan base, which has led to low attendance. Just wish they could get a good crowd tonight. They need it.

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First game I have watched wire to wire in some time.

We had better athletes and the home court. But most of the second-half we played Shaka ball. Shaka ball means “you guys go coach yourselves while I count my money.”

I’m jaded. A parlor word meaning I am sick of this shit. I read where CDC has raised about 80 million for the south end zone.  Surely he can raise 12 million to get rid of this clown. 

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Even though he's a freshman, Courtney Ramey seems like the kind of player you want in a dog fight. That kid is going to go down swinging and has a hell of a lot more fight in him than some of the other players. How you decide to bench him with 6 minutes left, down 4, and not bring him back until there are 30 seconds left, and the game is over, is beyond me. Shaka was asked about it and this was his response:

I'll give y'all one guess who our best 3-point shooter is this season. If you're looking for someone to catch fire, how about trying the kid that just had his best game of the season on Saturday. Courtney plays with a chip on his shoulder and was hustling his ass off. He impacted that game, even when he wasn't shooting the ball. I know I'm not a college basketball coach, but give me that guy in crunch time. Find some way to put him on the court.

Also, Kerwin's decision making was downright terrible tonight. His team-leading 6 turnovers hurt...a lot.

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I was at yesterday’s game, and loved the players’ energy. I had my two young grandsons with me, so couldn’t give 100% to watching. Please correct me if I am wrong.  

During the times that I had available to really focus, we had Jaxon, Ramey, and ? In. We would get a comfy 12 point lead +, and insert ?, ?, ?  OSU would start to close to w/in 6 to 8 and back Jaxon, Ramey, and ??? Would go. To bring us back to +15

Note:  Boys very interested in basketball & food, so we stayed busy!

i also thought the officials were just bad or incompetent & couldn’t tell which. Many questionable calls  

Hook em!

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Yeah, over the last handful of games, you can see Shaka making an effort to Jaxson rest when he can, even when he's not in foul trouble. If Rick was still coaching this team, he would be running Jaxson into the ground with the minutes.

There's a clear dropoff from Jaxson to Jericho. However, Jericho wasn't helped by some poor passing from Kerwin when he was in the game. I will say though, Royce played some hard minutes and provided a spark for the team. If every player gave the same effort Royce gave on Saturday, I feel this season could've been different.

That said, glad the good guys could bring home a win for you and the kiddos!

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37 minutes ago, Sirhornsalot said:

I don't know what Roach keeps doing (not his first time) to violate team rules, but you'd think he'd learn by now. He has not been himself on the floor.

Fair enough, go with the ones who aren't violating team rules.


Solid senior leadership.  You would think he knows his coach is about to get canned without a solid finish to the season.  Nice maturity backing up your teammates and coach.

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