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As a sports nerd and NBA fan, I always have random thoughts I fire off on twitter throughout the season. I figured I'd start an on going thread where all of us NBA fans can comment, converse, and fire off random NBA thoughts. Feel free to shoot off any analysis or opinions relating to any organization, player, team, trade, etc. You can crack jokes and have fun with it, but do not turn this thread into "personal insult fest 2013".

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The Celtics are in a tough spot right now. They are currently sitting at 7th in the East and likely sneak into the playoffs. But realistically it's hard to think they do much of anything once they get there. As of right now they would play the Knicks. If they drop to the 8th (last) place in playoffs they would play the Heat. If they are able to keep riding this recent rally and move up to sixth, they then play the Pacers.

I love the effort and heart the Celtics are playing with but the organization is definitely stuck in a rough spot. In respect and admiration of team spirit, Danny Ainge and the Celtics front office may feel inclined to let it ride one more season and give his team a shot to win it again. But the harder and more realistic view is they are without 2 of their 4 big time players (Ray Allen to Miami, Rondo out for season with injury). And they really could get decent value this season if they trade the older players on their roster.

I'm no Celtics fan so this is easier for me to say, but I would be looking to makes trades and begin the rebuild.

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For those who haven't been paying attention, Grevis Vasquez of the New Orleans Hornets (Pelicans?) is quietly becoming an impressive NBA point guard. At 6'6", Vasquez has uncanny size for his position but has been averaging 14 points a game, almost 10 assists (9.4) and nearly 5 rebounds (4.6) per game. Recently against Atlanta, Vasquez went off for 21 points, 12 assists, and 11 rebounds. The dude was a baller at Maryland and is now showcasing his skills in the NBA. I'd take him on my team any day.

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