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Have a bad ticker I do now after watching the Texas/TT game. But sure happy with the way SE brought this teab back once again. The D has got to stept up are ISU will give us fits Saturday. Just not sure what is going on we seem to be regrassing  instead of getting better. I know we have some injuries but the team will have to play with cards  they given. Take away the turnovers that the D got and we lose that game. My friends y'all have a great week and Keep Your Horns Raised High And Proud. 

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I’m right there with ya on the defensive struggles. Poor angles, lack of wrapping up and tackling and little to no QB pressure is a head scratcher. I hope this can be cleaned up for the remainder of the season. It has been crazy watching these teams put up 40-50 points on what was supposed to be a strength coming into the season. 

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