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 “HORN IN" On Franchise / Business Ownership

a monthly post with blurbs, links, and other words-of-wisdom

regarding self-employment; career transition;

and franchise / business ownership;

as well as information for business owners

who may be interested in franchising their business.


November  2018


Franchise Opportunity Knocks

Self-employment Beckons

Start answering the call right here.

News you can use to help you find

The right franchise / business opportunity for you.


Grow Your Business Via Franchising

Are you a business owner? If so, have you ever considered growing your business concept by franchising?

Franchising may be an ideal way for you to grow your business.

Perhaps, franchising could be the key to unlocking your growth potential at a fraction of the cost of traditional business expansion. In a franchise relationship, you would receive an upfront licensing fee from your franchisee(s), continuous residual income based on a percentage of sales and other potential financial rewards. You would be duplicating your business with a similar look, feel, and menu just like your existing locations.   Additionally, you could derive satisfaction knowing that your hard work and accomplishments would be passed on to a highly motivated new business owner(s) who shares the same passion that you do.

My company, Franchise Quest, is affiliated with FDG, a company that specializes in guiding businesses through the franchise process. FDG brings all the necessary legal, business, operations, sales and marketing experience to take you through each phase of this important step in the growth of your company.

I would welcome the opportunity to visit with you to discuss whether franchising may be the right growth strategy for your business. 

Please call or email me and I will gladly send you…

Franchising; Are You a Good Candidate for Franchising; and Becoming a Franchise. Plus, a copy of the questionnaire...Could Your Business Be Franchised?




Is Living A Few Years Of Your

Life Like Most People Won’t,

So That You Can Spend The

Rest Of Your Life Like

Most People Can’t.      




The “old” wealth creation strategy….

·         School-High School…college

·         Get a Job

·         Buy a House

·         Pay into Pension (401K)

·         Retire Happily

No longer works…

·         Running out of money in retirement (American’s Greatest Fear)

·         Cash needed for retirement $1,300,000.

Control Your Destiny…

·         10 Reasons to Own Your Own Business

o   Find work / life balance

o   Choose the people you work with

o   Take on the risk AND reap the Rewards

o   Challenge Yourself

o   Follow Your Passion

o   Get things done faster

o   Connect with clients

o   Give back to the community

o   Independence / Flexibility

o   Build Equity


Are You a Fantasizer or a Dream Builder?

Your Purpose In Life…

It's never too late to discover your purpose and live your dream.

Sam Walton opened the first Wal-Mart when he was 44, Laura Ingalls Wilder published her first book when she was 65, Nelson Mandela was elected president of South Africa when he was 75—the list of late-in-life success stories goes on and on!

Own Your Dreams poses a simple question: are you moving toward your dream? If your answer is “no,” this book can help you find direction.

As you'll discover, people set out to realize their dreams in vastly different ways. Own Your Dreams compares the Fantasizers to the Dream Builders.

Find out which one you are now.

No matter what your circumstances, Own Your Dreams can help you make the most of the opportunities around you


If There Is A Business That Will Give You What You Want, Is It Worth Looking For?

Most people will answer "yes" to that question. So, why do so many who say they want to be self-employed and own their own business give up on achieving their dream?  There are a number of reasons. One primary one...often business owner "wannabes" simply lose their focus and drift away. They may blame it on the economy, their friends, or other external reasons.  Simply stated, they hit a speed bump called “uncertainty and anxiety” and then let their dream slip away.

Buying a business is a serious decision. No one makes a major decision without getting a little nervous, or having some anxiety. It happened to me! The process of buying a business can be extremely exhilarating and simultaneously can be a time of high anxiety…this is normal.  How do I know? Because I have already made the “quest” and experienced the “anxiety” that is a normal part of the process of buying a business.  Prior to buying my home repair / remodeling franchise in 2001, my anxiety and fear had me ready to quit the quest and give up on my dream about 3-4 times.  During those times when I was ready to give in to my anxiety, I would see a scripture or quote in the newspaper, magazine, or on a bill board referencing risk…opportunity…achieving your dream, etc.  Fortunately each time it would provide me the impetus to continue my quest, move beyond my fear and refocus on my dream. As they say….”The rest is history”.

Even when you get nervous, you can still make a good decision.  You have done it many times in your life already. Doing solid, serious research and utilizing good advisors will lead you to a sound decision. Look at all the successful franchisees around your city / town. They made good decisions, and were probably nervous at some point, perhaps at several points during the process. But they didn't let their anxiety rob them of their dreams!  If you gather the right information, and are honest about your abilities, you will make a smart, informed decision for yourself...despite the stomach butterflies.

Personally, I love “motivational” quotes.  I collect them and have about fifteen framed and hanging in my office.  Below are a few that I really like:

  • Expect to get nervous.  Don’t let anxiety steal your dream.
  • Optimism-The faith that leads to achievement.
  • Take Risks-Don’t be afraid to go on a limb.  That’s where the fruit is.
  • Opportunity-You’ll always miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.
  • What you get from an endeavor will be directly proportional to what you give to the endeavor.
  • No risk = No reward.
  • Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can’t.
  • Success is not for the timid.  It is for those who seek guidance, make decisions, and take decisive action.
  • A year from now, you may wish you had started today.
  • Sometimes in the winds of change we find our true direction.
  • You cannot steal second base with your foot planted firmly on first base.
  • Take Action-You cannot discover new oceans, unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.

There is a book written by John Ortberg, If you want to walk on water, you’ve got to get out of the boat. The “boat” is what you hang on to, or whatever represents safety and security to you and that which pulls you away from the high adventure you actually seek. For many, moving towards the dream of being a business owner is simply letting go of the boat we call “corporate America”.  What it really entails is going after what you were made to do, leaving the illusory lifeboat behind and setting sail for uncharted waters.

It is always easier and less frightening to keep sitting on the sideline and watching opportunity pass you by, rather than taking careful, but positive steps towards the dream…the independence, freedom, and improved work-life which is enjoyed by many business owners.

So, expect to get nervous. Deal with it. Don't let your nerves prevent you from achieving the lifestyle you deserve.

Don't Settle.  Get What You Want.

If you don't pursue your dream, you will end up working for someone who did!



Residential & Commercial Outdoor and Decorative Lighting

As the category founder, this concept stands alone as the world’s oldest and largest outdoor lighting franchise company. Has custom-designed and installed Eco-friendly low voltage exterior and landscape lighting at more than 70,000 homes and businesses since our inception in 1995. Provides rigorous training, proven sales, support and marketing systems that enable our franchisees to sell, design and install professional outdoor lighting systems – with unparalleled service and attention to detail. With attractive gross profit margins and a sales closing ratio of over 65%, this business is a strong choice for franchise candidates seeking a home-based business with few employees, low overhead, recurring revenue and great growth potential. Also works tremendously well as an add-on to an existing business.

We specialize in the design, installation, and service of landscape and architectural lighting systems for both commercial and residential customers. We also sell and install lighting control automation for interior and exterior lighting applications. In 2010 we have added a holiday lighting program creating a "three businesses in one" approach, helping our franchise owner's extended their selling season with a unique opportunity.

3 Businesses in 1:

  • Residential Landscape Lighting
  • Commercial Lighting (Retrofit for huge energy (Green) savings)
  • Holiday Lighting for Home Owners and Businesses

Strong Profit Margins

Excellent Annual Recurring Revenue

Low Investment

Superior Marketing and Lead Generation

Exceptional Cross-selling opportunities

Strong customer Referrals

Ideal Candidate:  Enjoys meeting and working with new customers, has a strong commitment to service and enjoys creative and/or visual thinking. Sales and marketing skills are a plus, but not mandatory due to our extensive training program.

The typical profile of a franchisee:

  • Man or woman, could be a husband and wife team
  • 35-50 years of age
  • College educated, usually with a four-year degree
  • Background in business management, customer service, high-end premium retail, marketing or sales are preferred;
  • Evidence of leadership success in career and/or community, ideally with hiring and firing responsibility and budget unit P&L responsibility
  • Project management experience preferred
  • Strong desire to build and manage a strong business versus a “boutique business” or “sole proprietorship”
  • Above average acumen, skill and comfort with computers and technology
  • Creative and/or interested in design and/or architecture would be a plus
  • Often a “corporate refugee” seeking increased control and financial independence
  • Motivated by an environment of not being trapped in an office or retail store
  • Very motivated to be own boss and have control over schedule
  • Understands and is comfortable with the ideal of relationship building to develop long-term trade alliance partners in the local market
  • Flexibility to learn to sell to residential clients, including via nighttime demos, and through a long-term, technical sales cycle required for commercial accounts

 Investment: $143,000

Average # of Employees: Three (3)… Full-time office manager (1), installation crew (2) and commission-based design consultants

If you would like additional information, or to discuss in further detail, please call or send me an email with phone number and a good day(s) / time(s) for me to call you.


Quick-serve Snack Food Concept

A quick-serve snack food restaurant serving specialty, gourmet French fries with over 20 different seasonings, sauces and toppings; and fountain drinks, bottled water and home-made milkshakes for beverages.

Our Menu offers three options to achieve simplicity and creativity: a Specialty Menu of ‘go-to’ topped fry baskets that promote popular national and local dishes; a Finger Food Favorites Menu comprised of classic fried appetizer-style dishes-Original Pizza Logs; Buffalo Crunch Rolls; Crispy Chicken Fingers; and our Dutch Style Menu, which allows customers to choose a fry and one of 15+ dipping sauces.

In addition to these items, customers are able to customize their baskets across six styles of fries and over 20 sauces, seasonings and toppings.

There is a familiar saying you hear often when referring to the Lone Star State-   "Everything is Big in Texas". Well, that saying sure rings true for one of the most unique and novel franchise brands to come onto the QSR scene in years.

Our presence is fixin' to get big and introduced to fellow Texans statewide in the coming months in our largest Texas markets: Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. This phenomenal growth spurt comes just over a year after opening our first Texas franchise unit in the Alamo City, Labor Day weekend of 2016. Now is the time for prospective business owners and opportunistic entrepreneurs to consider our exciting franchise model and discover for themselves an opportunity where timing really is and can be everything.

 Four (4) flexible Franchise Business Models are offered:

·   Food Truck/Trailer/Cart,

·   Inline (food court, no dining room)

·   Kiosk (free standing 12 x 20 unit) and

·   Brick and Mortar (free standing,drive thru, dining room).

Our flexible concepts fit any real estate format including freestanding restaurants, end caps, in-line sites, gas and convenience, airports, malls, outlet stores, entertainment and tourist districts, cinema, travel plazas, universities, as well as other retail environments. There simply is no other competitive QSR franchise brand offered to prospective franchisees with such flexibility of choice in business model, endless store location sites to consider, and all achieved at an attractive development cost range of $105,000 - $250,000 dependent on the business model selected.

We are currently looking for hard working, motivated individuals to join our growing list of franchisees. Franchise opportunities are currently available in communities and towns throughout Northern, Southern Eastern, and Western Texas, of all major metropolitan areas.

We are looking for regional development groups that have a proven track record and are community leaders who may already operate other local businesses, such as other multi-brand restaurant development groups, retail outlets, convenience store chain operators, and movie theater operators who have the passion and financial qualifications to develop anywhere from five (5) to fifty (50) restaurants in these regions across the state. We are looking for qualified candidates with career work experience in any field (no restaurant experience required) and that are dedicated to their fields of expertise with proven track records to join our Texas team.

Our Texas franchisees will have endless opportunities to grow quickly into successful multi-unit franchise operators supported by our Texas franchise development team based right in the heart of Texas, San Antonio.  The Texas Master Franchise is owned and operated by native Texas businessmen with a vast array of industry knowledge and seasoned track records as successful business owners. One of the Texas Master Franchisors is a Texas Ex.

Franchisees get unsurpassed local support and services in every stage of franchise development from start to finish.

⇒ Texas Master Tenant Broker and Site Selection Services

⇒ Local pre-opening, grand opening and ongoing training and operational support

⇒ Statewide vendor & supplier network customized for our Texas franchisees

⇒ Franchisee business planning, consulting, financial and coaching support and services.

If you would like additional information, or to discuss in further detail, please call or send me an email with phone number and a good day(s) / time(s) for me to call you.



I highly recommend:

 If you are seeking top-quality financial / investment advice,

Teamwork Financial Group and Doug Moe...Texas Ex.

Doug is the CEO of Teamwork Financial Group in San Antonio.  He is an attorney and CPA.  He has provided valuable insight to me and my wife regarding investment / financial advice, including guidance on having a Will vs. Revocable Living Trust, re-balancing our investment portfolio, as well as assisting us move a portion of our IRA investments into Fixed Asset Annuities.  Over the past several months, I have had a number of very enjoyable meetings with Doug, since we have a tendency to spend time talking sports, as well as financial / investment stuff. Doug played basketball at UT in the 80s and is the son of Doug Moe, the former coach of the San Antonio Spurs. And, a great guy.


Do You Need Furniture Repaired...

If so and in the San Antonio area, CALL Pat Bonney...Texas Ex... Owner of a Guardsman Furniture Pro. franchise...The Most Trusted Name in Furniture Repair. Pat was on the UT baseball team in the early 70s.  I have used Pat's service multiple times for a variety of furniture repairs in my business and home.  Great guy and fantastic service.     210-849-9663    Email: gfpsa@sbcglobal.net


$1,000.00 Referral $1,000.00

I would love to send you a check for $1,000.00.  Help me grow my business (Franchise Quest) and I will gladly share-the-wealth with you.    I assist people who want to explore self-employment options-franchise ownership; business opportunities ("Biz-Ops"); and low-cost-of-entry home-based businesses. Also, I help business owners who want to grow their business by franchising.  Here are a couple of ways for you to enhance your personal cash flow.

  1. For every friend or colleague you refer who buys a franchise that was introduced to him / her by Franchise Quest, I will mail you a check for $1,000.00.**  To make a referral:
  • Send me a referral email with the prospect’s name, as well as your name, phone number and preferred email address.  [I will only use your contact information to update you on the referral status, or in the event your referral buys a franchise I presented to him / her, to inform you of the transaction and to get the address where you would like me to mail the Referral Check].
  • Please provide the prospect my phone number and email address, and ask him / her to call or send me an email.  If your referral would like for me to reach out to him / her, please include the prospect’s contact information in your referral email.

**Note: There are some low-cost-of-entry franchises which pay only a minimal referral commisssion.  For those candidate referrals who buy one of these franchises, the Referral Bonus paid may be less than $1,000.00.

  1. Most, if not all of us, will from time-to-time go out to eat; visit a retail establishment; and buy or contract for a service (i.e. hair; pet care; auto or home repair, etc.).  I am interested in connecting with the owners of non-franchised businesses, whose operation is financially healthy, provides quality product(s) or service(s) and appears to be the type of business that could expand by franchising.  I especially like business concepts that are “distinctively different”.  As you go about your daily routine, you will visit or see a number of businesses that fit this profile.  So, please make a referral:
  • Send me a referral email with as much information relating to the business as possible…owner’s name, business name, owner’s email address, business phone number, business address, business website, etc.  At a minimum, please send business name, business website, and city / state where business is located.  Also, include your name, phone number and preferred email address.  [I will only use your contact information to update you on the referral status, or in the event your referral signs an agreement / contract to franchise his / her business, to inform you of the transaction and to get the address where you would like for me to mail the Referral Check].
  • I will reach out to the business owner to ascertain if franchising the business is a viable option to grow his / her business, as well as whether the business owner is interested in exploring the franchising option.
  • If you personally know the business owner and are comfortable doing so, please provide the owner my phone number and email address, and ask him / her to call or send me an email.

      For every business you refer whose owner signs an agreement / contract to franchise his / her business, I will mail you a check for $1,000.00.


Don't Just Change Your Curtains...

Change Your View. I DidMy Story 

2017 newsletters; as well as copies of 2016 and 2015 newsletters can be viewed by going to the Franchise Quest Website.  

Click on the Website link below, or go to:


Resource Center > Newsletter  

Small / medium size business owners:

Would you like to grow your business by franchising. 

$1,000 Referral Bonus $1,000

Additional Information Is Available at Franchise Quest

If you would like to visit, please don’t be shy about reaching out:

I’m a coach, not a sales person.

Hook 'em.

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