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Are You Convinced Mack and Deloss Still Have The "Burn to Win?"


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An article came out on CBS that featured Texas Athletic Director DeLoss Dodds and Head Coach Mack Brown where they basically stated they still have the drive and burn to win. My question to you all, are you convinced that Mack and DeLoss still have the necessary drive and burn to push the football program (and athletic program, for DeLoss) to perform at the elite level the programs are capable of and expected to be playing at?


I'll leave my commentary until later, but I will say I've been impressed with Mack and his coaching staff's recruiting efforts this off-season because I think the efforts are finally on their way back to a level where it should always be at each year.


Texas AD: 'The burn stays' for struggling Longhorns football - CBSSports.com

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I think they lived off the fat of the land for a number of years and now have to get up and work to prove they can still compete. Mack seems to be doing everything right thus far but the product on the field next year will be the telling story.

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Mack has always been a great recruiter. This off season is nothing new. It's how he utilizes the talent he recruits that's the problem. And this is not a new problem. This has been his biggest problem since he came to Texas. Yes, he has a national title. But that happened after he gave up on tryin to fix Vince Young's throwing motion and trying to turn him into a bootleg quarterback. It's the same reason he wanted to turn 2 future Heisman winning quarterbacks into a receiver and a safety. There are countless examples, to many to list here. Yes, Mack knows talent when he sees it. But Mack has no idea what to do with that talent once he has it. So, I'm sure Mack has the drive and passion to win, but he does not have the ability.

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