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As an NFL draft nerd, I love watching tape on players going into the draft and tonight I've been watching all i can find on Vaccaro. But when watching Vaccaro, Diggs stood out the me multiple times by breaking on the ball nicely. At the same time, Josh Turner and Mykelle Thompson often delayed before breaking on the pass or made poor tackles that led to big gains.


I think Quandre Diggs moving to safety is a must. He is a very smart player on the field and reads the quarterback and receivers well. We all know the difference a good safety can have on a defense. In most recent years, Earl Thomas made tons of plays back there. I don't think Diggs is quite as fast as Earl, but he definitely reads the passing game almost as well as Earl did. I also like his tackling ability better than Josh Turner, Mykelle Thompson, and Adrian Phillips.


Diggs for Safety 2013.

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I like Diggs at Corner...I have seen him miss a few tackles in space against some top teams.. I do think he could play FS.. No one is talking about Colbert..He's a big guy that could play SS closer to the line. I would like to know if he shows up in spring....#23,#21,#26,#6 and #2 or #25 in the Nickel.....


I am like you - I think Adrian Colbert will be in the mix for some serious playing time and I wouldn't be surprised if it were at safety. He has track & field speed and closes FAST. Spring should be interesting in Austin.....

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I saw the current safeties, hell the entire secondary, all miss tackles in the open field. But I love how Diggs breaks on the ball, which is why I want to see what he could do back there. Either way, the play of the safeties and secondary overall HAS to improve next season.


Also we definitely need to find someone to fill in for Vaccaro's role if that's the style Diaz is still going to roll with because Vaccaro had the size and strength to paly close to the line but also had speeds to play nickel. Maybe Colbert fills that spot. Otherwise the defense will have a bit of a different look to it next fall.

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