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Aaron Carrara

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7 minutes ago, Daniel Seahorn said:

The Texas offense has yet to get out of neutral today. Herman and his staff still have a lot of work ahead of them after what I've seen so far.

The irony is Herman has said multiple times this week "I have never been this excited to start the season". 

You can add that he also stated "Yes we lost last year but this is a different team, we are not the same team we were last year."

Doesnt look much different, well looks worse actually.

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I agree with blasting this coaching staff.... I think we ran 5 running backs into the game in the first three series.  

Dumb rotations, numerous penalties and dumb play calling with the bread and butter play being a run right up the middle that takes 2 seconds to develop.   

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The reason this offense is so bad is it doesn’t put our players in position to succeed. Our offense has no advanced concepts and zero wrinkles. I don’t have the advantage of watching the all 22 but from what I am seeing, our route concepts aren’t getting anyone open and we are doing nothing to get our playmakers the ball in space. The offense is  predictable and we don’t have the pure athletes to overcome that like we did in the Mack Brown/Greg Davis years.

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Contrary to what our coach says, we do need an OC who can game plan and make in game adjustments.  Need to incorporate some ingenuity instead of trying to shove our crappy plan down their throats.  Can’t believe I have been looking forward to today for 9 months.  Time to move to the next generation of OCs vs the carryovers from a decade+ ago.  Gilbert showed some ingenuity, missing him now.  

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