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This team looks unorganized, outcoached, and outplayed. Make no mistake this rests on Herman. 

So our major second half adjustment on offense was inserting Porter as a WR and running three yard outs to the sideline?  Nice work Beck, Herman, both, BEVO, or whichever master planner was  whims thi

The reason this offense is so bad is it doesn’t put our players in position to succeed. Our offense has no advanced concepts and zero wrinkles. I don’t have the advantage of watching the all 22 but fr

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Halftime thoughts from the press box:

  • Despite a miserable performance on both sides of the ball, Texas found a way to claw back into this with a late half rally. Got hit hard with some adversity, but showed a lot of fight down the home stretch. 
  • Losing Gary Johnson to targeting is BRUTAL. It's been said time and time again that Texas couldn't afford to lose him for any period of time and a bone headed play got him tossed.
  • Matt Canada's offense has the defense's head swimming a good bit, but they seemed to calm down as the half wore on. It's a lot coming at you at once and is easy to become undisciplined with your eyes.
  • More Keaontay Ingram and Tre Watson. There wasn't a lot of room to run with the OL struggling, but Texas has had the most success with them in the game. 
  • I know some didn't like the idea of going for two at the end of the half, but I could make cases for it either way. 


This is going to be a nail biter, folks. But we have ourselves a ball game and Texas gets it coming out of the locke room.

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7 minutes ago, 83Dee said:

Throwing it away to avoid a sac on a 2 point conversion reminds me of several plays I’d like to forget last year.  I was hoping this kind of thing was in the past.  

Aye man at least we're showing life and get the ball to start the second half. This game could be a way uglier score. Texas is showing fight and resiliency. Can't be mad with it.

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3 minutes ago, oldhorn2 said:

one point...on that last CJ touchdown...what a catch....but why was pass interference not called/....That guy was tackling Johnson for 2 seconds before the ball got there....It would have been declined of course, but that had to be called.

Exactly!  I wondering the same thing.  Just because it was a TD doesn't mean you don't have to call it.


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