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**College World Series Thread**

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Day 1 of the College World Series kicks off today.

North Carolina and Oregon State will square off at 2, with Washington and Mississippi State meeting at 7 to wrap up the day.

I am currently sitting in a booth at a Taco Bell on the border of Oklahoma and Kansas. Once I arrive in Omaha this evening, I will write up a brief scouting report on Arkansas. Tomorrow's game should be a good one.

Should be a fun week and a half of baseball.

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I’ve been watching OSU play NC, and OSU looks terrible. I don’t know if OSU came in tight, wanting it too much, but they have made multiple errors and have not looked like a cws team. 

Hook ‘em!

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26 minutes ago, tejasrulz said:

North Carolina got a big break when that guy was called safe at 3rd even though he was tagged out twice (almost 3x) on the play. Not sure why the NCAA wont let coaches challenge that but they wont.

I agree. Slowly but surely, the NCAA is allowing replay in baseball. Right now, it only covers a couple of rules (fair or foul ball, catch or no catch), but I would be a fan of an MLB type system where a team gets 2 challenges per game. I think most fans just want the calls to be right, regardless if it adds a couple minutes to a game.

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3 hours ago, Jameson McCausland said:

TD Ameritrade makes Disch-Falk Field look like a launching pad. Outfielders will be playing shallow the entire tournament.

Well, I hope our OF isn't playing in if the game is tied late.  Look what happened to UW tonight.  A couple of thoughts on the 1-0 victory by Miss St.

  • WTH was that sac bunt attempt in B9 by Miss St?  You absolutely cannot pop up the sac bunt with runners on 1&2 w/nobody out.  Awful execution, (although in the end it didn't hurt Miss St.)
  • What in the world was the UW coach thinking in B7?  1 out, Miss St gets a double.  UW coach pulls his starter, who had only gone 7 1/3, had given up 0 runs, 7 hits and had struck out 2 and walked one.  Kid was in a zone.  Also, the P had thrown 72 pitches.  I'm not saying he could've gone the distance, but if I'm the coach, I damn sure ride that horse as far as he can go.  He was averaging 10 pitches per inning.  Think about that. 
  • UW coach in B9, runners on 1&2 with 1 out, brings his OF in.  Ole Miss batter knocks the 0-2 pitch over the RF's head and one-hops the wall for a walk-off single.  If the OF had been at normal depth, it would've been a F9, 2 outs, with runners on the corners.
  • UW ended the game with 6 LOB; (0-5 w/RISP)
  • Miss St ended the game with 8 LOB (1-8 w/RISP)

Two bonehead decisions by the UW coach cost them a chance at that game.  He may not sleep the rest of the time in Omaha. 

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13 minutes ago, Jameson McCausland said:

The rain has hit Omaha hard again, delaying Washington and Oregon State. The Huskies currently hold a 5-4 lead in the 6th.

Another marathon rain delay.  Welcome to Omaha in June.  It's a daily occurrence. 

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