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Big 12 Baseball Tournament Bracket Set

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The Big 12 Tournament bracket has been set. Texas will enter the tournament as the number #1 seed and will face #8 seed Kansas on Wednesday at approximately 12:30 PM. The tournament is split up into two 4-team double elimination brackets, with the Sunday’s Championship game being a one game winner-take-all.


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Win 5. 


I do think hosting a Regional is a given at this point. What I don’t know is whether Texas will garner a National Top 8 host seed. 


RPI is very solid, winning there Big12 outright, taking 2/3 from TT, OSU, OU & sweeping Baylor, TCU and KU is certainly impressive. IMO it’s more impressive that Tech’s resume and they’re in the Top 8 discussion.  

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1 hour ago, Johnstark23 said:

If Kendall and those guys are right Fayetteville really wouldn’t be that bad a draw

I think they’re way off. They have TT as the final Top 8 seed. Tech, you know, the team that finished 3rd in their conference and isn’t even in the top 10 nationally. Meanwhile #6 Clemson isn’t a national top 8 seed. 

I’m personally going to temper a lot of my excitement/expectations until I see the official brackets next Sunday. Who knows, with a very good showing in OKC Texas could be a national seed. :)

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