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Is A&M hurting Oklahoma more than Texas in the Recruiting War?

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With the move to the SEC and the impact of freshman phenom Johnny Football the Aggies have piled up some incredible recruiting gets. Seems they have their eyes on every offensive player in the country. In the Army Bowl it seems -3- wide receivers at 6'5" or above committed.


Common belief is the team that will suffer the most is our Longhorns. I don't think that's right and I will tell you why.


The University of Texas is still Texas and there are a lot of prospects that grew up watching the Longhorns. Not only that but their parents grew up Longhorn fans. Try telling your mom who watches Texas game like a religion you are going to ATM. This group Texas is going to out recruit anyone in the state or the nation.


There is also the pipeline Mack Brown has built up with high school coaches. He cultivates them and they gain access to clinics, practices and advice from the head coach and his assistants. That is always going to be a big advantage to players who want their head coach's approval or advice on where to take his talents. It also helps the coach do some advance recruiting for coach Brown. A lot of Mack's advantage comes from these coaches who while not lobbying for Texas, they sure will give the Longhorns a good recomendation.


That's two big advantages that the football program has. That leaves another section of players. The ones that have no special interest in Texas and are free agents. What ATM has done here is move ahead of not Texas but the Oklahoma's of this country. OU has always had an advantage over the Aggies when it came to this type of recruit. Remember when Adrian Peterson's decision was between Texas and Oklahoma? Today it might be between Texas and ATM? Oklahoma may have dropped a peg on the in-state player who now has an alternative to Texas that is close to home.


The third is always out there. If you had a choice to spend four years in a city would you pick Norman or College Station over Austin? But you might choose College Station over Norman.


Bottom Line: Texas is Texas and the sun in this state shines brighter on our university and always will. We seem to be doing fine and we have had a few off years. This season with some help from our class of 2013 and our returning team I see big things for our Longhorns. When we win it will be a National Championship because at Texas we don't have to celebrate the Cotton Bowl like we just did this special night.



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