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***Texas @ West Virginia Series Thread***

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Ellis BB; CS 2-6; 1 out

McKenzie IF single

Shaw F7; 2 outs

Hibbeler Double into RCF alley; 2 RISP

Clemens Intentional Walk

Bases Loaded; 2 outs

Zubia misses getting HBP, then lays off a piped FB in, and pops up the next pitch to 2B to end it


3 LOB; huge missed opportunity


Tied at 2, headed B5

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Hibbeler HBP

Clemens HBP

Zubia E4 and everyone is safe; bases loaded

New P for WVU

Ham RBI single thru the left side; Horns trail 6-4

Reynolds Ground Rule Double plates 2, tie game

DJ 2 RBI single; Horns up 8-6

Ellis Double thru the left side; 2 RISP

McKenzie KS; 1 out

Shaw SAC Fly F7; RBI; Horns up 9-6

Hibbeler Walk

Clemens KS in a long AB


Horns head to B7, leading 9-6


Everybody Stretch!

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