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Take Two: Will Texas' first-round drought end soon?

Adam Gorney, Sam Spiegelman, Mike Farrell

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Tom Herman (AP Images)

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Take Two returns with a daily offering tackling an issue in the college football landscape. Rivals.com National Recruiting Analyst Adam Gorney lays out the situation and then receives takes from Rivals.com National Recruiting Director Mike Farrell and an expert from the Rivals.com network of team sites or a regional analyst.


Texas has not had a first-round NFL Draft pick since defensive tackle 

 was selected last in that opening stanza by the New England Patriots in the 2015 draft.

That is a four-year dry spell and it’s something that opposing coaches on the recruiting trail could use to try to beat the Longhorns for elite talent.

It’s a challenge for coach Tom Herman and his staff in Austin but Texas has been recruiting incredibly well the past few recruiting cycles so the absence of Longhorns in that first round could be short-lived.

Texas has a lot of young defensive players who could emerge in that discussion especially 

,  ,   and others. Receiver  , who will return next season, could crack a first-round grade.

In Texas’ No. 4-ranked 2019 recruiting class, five-star 

 and top-end four-stars  ,   and   were the standouts.

Does Texas’ first-round drought continue for long and can Oklahoma, Texas A&Mand others use it to their advantage? Or, are the Longhorns developing enough young talent so they’ll quickly return to relevancy in the first round of the NFL Draft soon?


“Tom Herman has the Longhorns recruiting at their highest level in years, and you can see the dividends paying off on the field with the season the team enjoyed in 2018, culminating with a convincing Sugar Bowl defeat of Georgia.

"Look at freshman defensive back 

, who may be the best candidate to buck Texas’ first-round pick draft drought. Herman and his staff are continuing to bolster recruiting efforts — not only in the home state but nationwide. These are four- and five-star prospects, and enticing three-stars with upside. When these recruits develop on campus under Herman, it won’t be long before they eventually morph into first-round picks.

“It’s easy for surrounding schools like Texas A&M, Oklahoma and LSU to sell recruits on their first-round picks, especially given recent history. For some, it may work, but Herman can easily suggest that under his regime they’re changing the culture in Austin. Herman can sell prospects that they can be first-round picks if they choose to go there, so I’m not buying the negative recruiting.”


“Oklahoma has two No. 1s back-to-back at the same position, and then having 

 go in the first round, and four of its offensive linemen go by the end of the fourth round. That’s pretty impressive stuff.

“It can change pretty quickly though for Texas. I remember Notre Dame had quite the NFL Draft drought a few years ago and then it started putting guys in the first round fairly consistently. Oklahoma has put a lot of offensive guys in the first round over the last few drafts but Texas has a better chance of putting defensive guys in the first round over the next few years.”


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10 big unanswered questions exiting spring football



And I mean a linebacker. Texas is getting preseason Top 10 hype, but it’s hard to project much of a two-deep for Longhorns at linebacker given injuries/a bit of bad luck. Outside of senior Rover Jeffrey McCulloch, who’s in line for a breakout season, Texas will play mostly inexperienced underclassmen. Sophomore Joseph Ossai, a Sugar Bowl standout, looks to be the starting B-backer. From there things are murky. Redshirt freshman Ayodele Adeoye projects as the team’s starting MIKE, but he had an inconsistent spring. JUCO signee Caleb Johnson could factor into the rotation – he’s a missile – but everyone else in the group is untested. It doesn’t help that top signee De’Gabriel Floyd is out for the 2019 season following an April diagnosis of spinal stenosis. Floyd projected at worst as a key contributor and a possible starter in the middle. Texas’ defense is experiencing upheaval on every level, but no group comes with more questions (and less experience) than linebacker. Expect Texas to pursue at least one grad transfer to shore up depth at the position.



9163633.jpg?fit=bounds&crop=620:320,offset-y0.50&width=620&height=320 Bru McCoy (Photo: Jeff Howe, 247Sports)

The wavier market didn’t exactly shut down when Martell and Fields were approved. There are still a number of high-profile players awaiting a ruling. Texas five-star signee Bru McCoy still hopes to earn eligibility after transferring from USC only a few weeks after arriving in Los Angeles. Former five-star defensive tackle Aubrey Solomon is waiting to hear if he can play for Tennessee next season as is his new teammate Deangelo Gibbs. Additionally, the cases of Luke Ford (Illinois) and Brock Hoffman (Virginia Tech) are under the microscope after the NCAA turned down their initial hardship waiver request. Both have hired attorney Tom Mars and will submit a new appeal.

Plenty of other players nationally are waiting hear on waiver appeals. The process dominated most of offseason conversation thus far, and it’s not likely to slow until/if the NCAA adjusts its transfer process.



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36 minutes ago, Dina Colunga said:

Logan Parr, Jake Majors, Vernon Broughton, Chris Thompson Jr., and Mookie Cooper all have official visits to Texas this weekend. 

Looks like Jaylen Garth is in for an OV as well. Cooper’s visit will be an UOV though. Going to be a very busy weekend with that group along with Zach Evans and Damien George coming into town. 

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33 minutes ago, Daniel Seahorn said:

Texas been in great position for some time with Dorbah. LSU is a worthy opponent here, but I think that’s one Texas will win.

We get this kid and Landon Jackson from Texarkana next year.........well it’s going to be bad on QB’s for awhile.

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22 minutes ago, MikeV73 said:

Is Kate involved with this surprise?

We need to land the Princely-Broughton-Collins trio.

One thing to keep in mind on this is aggy is telling all 3 of them they are being recruited as DE's and they are getting a commit from a DE from New Jersey tomorrow.

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2 minutes ago, Sirhornsalot said:

They've scrambled together something at the last minute. Supposed to be at some place called EMOS. Its on.

Oh, and seen on campus today . . . 


Hopefully the recruits in town still get to go.

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