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1 hour ago, Sirhornsalot said:


What do you know about this one? Who does he compare to? I've heard his name in Longhorn circles for months now.

Struggling to come up with a comp for him. Has a no nonsense running style and runs hard and behind his pads. 

His name has been on the radar for awhile like you said, but I’ve been trying to figure out where he sits on the pecking order with the other backs they’ve offered. Going to be interesting to see how they navigate this. 

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2 hours ago, drgilbert said:

Any idea what this means


I’m a young enough millennial to help decipher this... he’s hinting that the 2020 class is about to be “Sick” or “Nasty” in the positive sense. The “shh” at the end just means we’ll have some commits soon enough but I don’t think it’s hinting a imminent commit watch. Hope that helps? 

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