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2020 Recruiting Board/Thread

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QB(2)- 🤘🏽Card & 🤘🏽JQJ

RB(2)- 🤘🏽Bijan, Jase, Jordan, 

H-Back/TE/Ath(1) - 🤘🏽Hullaby 

WR X (1)-  Hester, Wilson

WR Z(1) - 🤘🏽Johnston(can play X also)

WR H(1) - JVBS, Mookie, DevonA

OL(4/5) - 🤘🏽Garth🤘🏽Majors🤘🏽Parr, 🤘🏽Andrej


DL(3/4) - Collins,🤘🏽Fillinger, 🤘🏽Broughton, 🤘🏽Princley, Carlton, Gulliory 

B-LB(1) -🤘🏽Prince

ILB(1/2) - White, Flowe, Scott, Sellers 

CB(2/3) - Ringo, 🤘🏽Pouncey, 🤘🏽Eaton, Jahari, 🤘🏽Crawford

S(2/3) - CTJ, 🤘🏽JThompson, Washington, Ransom, 🤘🏽Alford 


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Texas' courtship of Joshua Eaton made for an easy decision to commit

Joshua Eaton (Corey Gibson/Rivals.com)
Sam Spiegelman • Rivals.com

First impressions are often lasting impressions, and Texas could not have a hit a bigger home run than the way they caught 

 attention at the very start of his recruitment this spring.

Eaton was on an unofficial visit to The Forty Acres in February when cornerbacks coach Jason Washington blindsided the four-star cornerback with an offer in riveting fashion. A group of highly touted defensive backs were touring the football facilities on campus, going over the legendary uniforms and getting a closer look at the burnt orange gear when Washington reached into a backpack and instead informed Eaton he had picked up an offer from the University of Texas.

From there, the Horns had secured a place in Eaton's heart.

"It was a long process, but when Texas offered me in such a special way, on campus and the way Coach Jay Wash did it, that never happened to me before," Eaton told Rivals. "It was something different. Everyone else offered me, but the way they offered, the way Coach Washington kept in touch before the offer, after the offer, daily, every day throughout the day.

"It was different. I'm not gonna lie ... everyone else called on the phone to let me know I got an offer, but Texas made me wait. They still recruited me throughout the process and who would've expected to get an offer walking and talking ... It's just different. I got to share it with my friends, my family and my teammates, and it was a different experience that stayed in my mind for a long time."

"Texas knows how to recruit better than most places," he continued. "They're not talking down anybody or embracing themselves; they're just cool, they know what they're doing and the best in Texas go to Texas. Now, you're seeing it."


Washington's creativity wound up being symbolic of Eaton's entire recruitment. Essentially, when it came to the Longhorns' recruiting style, they were always different.

Washington didn't recruit Eaton alone. He had the help from multiple members on the staff, including the head man, Tom Herman. The way Eaton connected with the current Texas football players was a major X-factor that made for a rather simple decision at crunch time as Eaton was ready to announce his intentions.

"It wasn't just one coach that recruits you at Texas; it's all the coaches involved and it's a big part when the head coach is involved," Eaton detailed. "All the coaches on the staff were involved. That's just different. I was talking to everybody, including the players. The players at Texas was who I connected with the most. Every time I go up there they showed me love and I'd be around the players most of the time, along with my position coach, so connecting with the players and the coaches, I felt like that was perfect for me."

Admittedly, Alabama, LSU and Texas A&M each had Eaton's attention at different junctures in his recruitment dating back to the start of the year. The LSU offer and the team's history of churning out NFL defensive backs was appealing. The same goes for Alabama, which routinely produces first-rounders, especially in the secondary. Texas A&M was trending for Eaton as recently as this summer at the Rivals Five-Star Challenge.

Then, Eaton had to truly weight his options and opportunities and do some reflecting on what was truly important to his commitment.

"I always wanted to go to Texas, but you let people get in your head. You hear stuff about the SEC and then you second-guess yourself," Eaton admitted. "You can get to the league from the Big-12. If you're a baller, you can get to the league from everywhere. The SEC, ACC ... none of that matters. Football is football, and we're all trying to get to the same place no matter what conference you play in."


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Bijan Robinson, a five-star running back from Salpointe Catholic High School in Tucson, Ariz., committed to Texas on Aug. 2, 2019, the same day that the Longhorns opened fall practices. [KELLY PRESNELL/ARIZONA DAILY STAR]

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The Dotted Line: Five-star running back Bijan Robinson followed his heart to Texas

Posted August 26th, 2019


Mike Craven Hookem.com staff



TUCSON, Ariz. — Bijan Robinson is many things. The five-star running back from Salpointe Catholic is a great football player. And a leader on campus. And a devout Christian. He’s also a germaphobe. And that fear of germs in part helped the Longhorns land the third-ranked running back in the entire 2020 class for a simple reason: Texas players get their own dorm. 

“That boy puts on gloves to take out the trash,” chuckled Robinson’s mom, LaMore Sauls. “He was terrified to share a room with other athletes. He wanted his own bathroom.”

Arizona running back Bijan Robinson is the highest-rated recruit in Texas’ 2020 recruiting class. (Mike Craven)

It was a long route to Austin for Robinson. He included Texas among his top schools only because Salpointe head coach Dennis Bene offered to take him to the UT spring game. Robinson had never been to the state of Texas before that trip in late April, but it would help alter the course of his life. 

“I had never been there, so it wasn’t a high priority. Then we went to the spring game,” Robinson said. “From the beginning of the trip, it was all love. It took me by surprise.” 

Robinson and his coach hung out with the team, joined the running backs in a meeting before the game and met a certain Hollywood star on the field before kickoff when Matthew McConaughey approached them as the team warmed up. 

“I didn’t know who Matthew McCounahey was, but he started walking towards me and my coach before the spring game,” Robinson said. “My coach was shocked. It was a big fanboy moment for him, and that was great. It was one of those things that showed me how important football is at Texas.” 

Robinson is the only five-star in Texas’ 2020 class, which ranks sixth in the nation and consists of 18 prospects. The 6-foot, 200-pound playmaker rushed for more than 2,000 yards in each of the past two seasons, even beating out current UT receiver Jake Smith for the Ed Doherty Award, which is the equivalent of Arizona’s Heisman Trophy. Winning that award last year put Robinson on Texas’ radar. Meeting running backs coach Stan Drayton at the spring game solidified UT’s chances of landing Robinson. 

“The first time I met coach Drayton was a huge deal,” he said. “He knows what he is doing, and not just with football. He knows how to help you as a man and after football. I really enjoyed how he presented himself to me. Coach Drayton was the realest one throughout the whole process.” 

Robinson picked Texas on Aug. 2. The five-star admitted to silently committing to Ohio State in the weeks leading up to his decision. 

“Ohio State was wanting me to commit because they were passing on some other running backs,” Robinson said. “I felt like I needed to go there, so I just called them and told them I was committing. It wasn’t a happy feeling. I knew Texas was where my heart was at and I didn’t commit to Ohio State for me. I sat on it for a week and then called Ohio State to let them know I wasn’t going there.” 

Texas was thrilled to land the life-long football junkie. Robinson’s mom tells stories of him taking a little football to his first haircut when he was just one year old. He used to cut the pictures out of programs brought home by his grandfather, an official in the PAC-12, to use as football players. The best gift was a set of mini-helmets that he quickly began using as football players. His field was a blue table owned by his grandmother that Robinson refuses to allow her to sell because of sentimental value. 

“He’s always wanted to be a football player. I finally let him play flag football when he was getting into school and he scored the first touchdown of the game,” LaMore said. “Unfortunately, he was so excited that he ran the opposite way and scored for the other team. He’s been scoring touchdowns the right way ever since.” 

Robinson picked up his first offer before he could drive a car. His offer list grew to 21, but it might as well be 100. It’s not just his running ability that brought coaches from around the country to his high school in Tucson. Robinson has caught 30 passes in his high school career. 

“Being versatile is the most important thing to modern running backs,” he said. “NFL teams are starting to go towards the versatile backs instead of power backs who are one-dimensional. It helps the team to catch, run, and block. All running backs should do all three.” 

Bene said the most rewarding part of coaching high school football is watching a kid arrive on campus who leaves as a young man. The staff at Salpointe know Robinson is a special player. They also respect him as a person and a student. 

“Bijan is a great classmate and an extraordinary teammate. That may be the most special thing about him. He’s so humble and treats everyone with respect,” Bene said. “The adults on campus love him. His smile lights up a room.”



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