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2020 Recruiting Board/Thread

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I'm still getting used to seeing Daniel's picture next to Clint Eastwood like they were pals.:)


Which West Coast RB should be ranked higher?



“I’d take Robinson over Milton because I think he’s a bit more sudden and explosive. Robinson is more versatile as a pass-catcher and a guy you could use out of the slot, and he’s more of a can’t-miss because of his speed and quickness. Milton is a big and talented back, but I worry about his breakaway speed at the next level compared to Robinson. If I were starting a team with one it would be Robinson. Texas is getting a really versatile and multi-faceted player.”





“This is a tough call because Robinson has been outstanding in his junior season and through this offseason, but I would still give the slight edge to Milton because of his size, his ability to deliver punishment himself and his skill in catching the ball out of the backfield which has not been recognized enough by others. 

"This is really a question - especially for Georgia fans since Milton is committed there - whether there is more value in a guy like 


. Milton is not as jacked up physically as Chubb, was but he’s a powerful back with strong legs to grind out extra yards. Robinson more resembles Michel as he can run the ball but is also a valuable pass-catcher. I still tend to lean more toward Milton but this one is definitely cl



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Okay, spoke to my friend this evening. Lots of good stuff. – The recent run on commits is enabling the staff to circle back and revisit some other recruitments that most think/thought are lost. N

Hello everyone. I just popped in to say hello. Since my crazy ass haven't been in here in almost Coons age due to alot of personal issues family related I've been having to go through and having to wo

Saw Herman speak today at a luncheon at the Headliners club here in Austin.  He did say that we would make room for 1 more OL commit in 2020 and that those of us who follow recruiting would know who h

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3 hours ago, TheContractor said:

a few CBs fans r Quentin Johnston came in today. Great sign imo. He is one I am very very high on. 

He's the one I've been most nervous about, despite his ranking he has seemed completely open to choosing a school like TCU or OSU.  Sure hope he picks the good guys.

Now where are we going to find some LBs?

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Rivals Rankings Week: New 2020 running back rankings



Rivals continued to roll out its updated rankings for the Class of 2020 and our focus today is on the running backs. A good chunk of the nation’s best are already committed with, of course, the exception being the No. 1 back in the country, 


Evans highlights a field that includes a quartet of five-stars and even more running backs on the precipice of that coveted fifth star. Below is a brief overview of the biggest storylines coming out of the rankings update as we brace for the season

Arguably the biggest discussion of the position rankings was where 

 fits among the top two or three running backs. Eventually, the decision was made to make Robinson No. 1 — among all-purpose backs. It’s a testament to the new Texascommitment’s versatility and the fact that he doesn’t have to come off the field regardless of the situation. He’s a huge get for the Longhorns and should thrive in Tom Herman’s offense.


 remained right behind Evans as the No. 2 tailback in the country. The new Georgia commitment is the latest highly-rated back to commit to Dell McGee and the Bulldogs. Georgia has a knack for finding bigger, physically imposing running backs and Milton is the latest. There’s no doubt this fall should provide even more clarity on Milton, Robinson, Evans and 

 and the race for No. 1 running back in the nation.



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