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2020 Recruiting Board/Thread

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10 minutes ago, Bear19 said:

Taken from page 1 of the $9.95ers start- up manual.

Actually it’s very typical for all of them to write articles afterwards explaining how they were right until they were wrong. All of them to do it.

Yea, I read all of the sites and this is exactly what they do. They are always right until they are wrong. All of them. Never more true than when Saban was supposedly coming to Texas. That was classic "right until I was wrong". Here's a newsflash. You were always wrong.

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Just to steer it back off course for a moment. I never understood why someone would pay for rumors. And if they do know something they won't say anything because they don't want to ruin the kid's moment. It is money better saved than spent.

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2 hours ago, TB14 said:

Just watched a beautiful burnt orange sunset then came inside and read all this. 

Cant we all just get along?! Acting like Aggys in here!

Hook Em!

Having a spirited debate on a football message board does not make it aggyish. In the cowboy days the cowboys used to get drunk on Friday nights  and get into bar fights. This is much better, no loss of teeth.  Mankind has advanced.

Besides it's July. I do agree on the burnt orange sunset. So, let's share.

See the source image

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We all spend valuable time, some of us hours, reading projections for where high school sophomores, juniors and seniors might decide to play college football.  And while doing so, some look down on others for paying $9.95.  Physician, heal thyself!

And I thought I hated logging on to read a plethora of posts about Kate.... which is an idea from another site oft criticized here.  Carry on....


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    • Every coach in their district ruled in favor of the kids to play. Doesn't seem very shady to me. This stuff literally happens all the time. I also said in a previous thread when the WR aggy commit for Tomball was ruled ineligible, the UIL constantly rules players eligible or ineligible all the time. The only time yall hear about it is with a high profile recruit (like wr for aggy) or some other reason (briles). Nothing to see here except click bait, and I'm not a briles supporter.  
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    • Here's an updated story. IMHO, seems a tad shady. Thoughts? https://www.dallasnews.com/high-school-sports/football/2019/09/18/two-mount-vernon-players-coached-by-former-baylor-coach-art-briles-ruled-eligible-to-play-at-dec-hearing/  
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