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Mike Mayock trashes Big XII Praises TEXAS.


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I think he's one of the sharpest talking heads out there and REALLY enjoyed this read courtesy of Alex Dunlap on OB.


"You're not going to like this, and Big 12 coaches aren't going to like me. I'm just going to say what the -- I've had a lot of conversations around the league, and sometimes Big 12 football is really hard to watch, especially from a defensive perspective. On the one hand, I give them a ton of credit for being creative offensively. They throw the ball -- I mean, just to give you an example, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State is 38-38 at halftime. It's fun television. It's exciting football. But 38-38 at halftime?

And then I give University of Texas some credit because Texas played against Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and USC, three of the top quarterbacks in the country, and Texas held those three quarterbacks and those offenses to their least output of the year. Texas plays a different scheme. Defense is single high, two high, a bunch of really sophisticated subpackages like an NFL team would. All three teams struggled. And here's Oklahoma State, who put up 38 in a half against Oklahoma, scored 10 in regulation against Texas because Texas played a different way than most Big 12 teams play and because Texas has athletes to execute the scheme. That's a long way of saying that a lot of us get tired of watching these wide receivers run down the field unimpeded against safeties that are playing quarter coverage and beat by five yards. It's hard to evaluate those guys. And in turn, when it's hard to evaluate them, then sometimes they get knocked down further than they should. It's just -- and, again, the last thing I want to say is that a college coach's job is to win football games. It's not to develop football players. It's to win football games. I'm not taking a shot at their style of football. I'm just saying it's a different evaluation for the NFL people."



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1 hour ago, MBHORNSFAN said:

My perfect world is every team in the Big 12 Not named the Longhorns is them losing every game they play in every sport every year.



 But where is that conference love?

I’m right there with you. And while you’re at it, f aggy. 

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