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Longhorns and 3 others to PAC 12 as early as tomorrow?

The Llama

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The Austin American Statesman is reporting that the Longhorns, Sooners, OK State and Texas Tech very well might be headed to the PAC12. The conference would then have 16 teams and Texas would be able to keep the Longhorn Network as long as it showed PAC16 Conference content also. There are some revenue sharing issues but this looks like it is going to happen. Could be as early as tomorrow.

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Interesting scenario with the potential pod system consisting of 4 pods with 4 teams each. Evidently Texas, OU, TTU and Okie State would remain in one pod and play each other once every year. Next each team would play 2 other teams from each other pod totalling 10 conference games and 2 non-conference opponents. Could be worse I guess.

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I would not mind a move to the Pac 16 if it means we still get to smash the Sooners every year. Plus we get to kill USC every now and then, go duck hunting on a regular basis and get some west coast recruiting options. Throw in keeping the network and I only see one thing missing. Who else wants an non-conference game with A&M every year just to prove a point?? Hook Em

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Everything I am reading says the PAC16 is still a ways off. A contact told me that it was a done deal and to look for an announcement this week sometime but it appears that the Texas BOR wants to make damn sure the Longhorn Network is not "whored out" and that the programming integrity is kept primarily with a Texas flavor.


tglick82 I agree with you that it is sort of exciting to think about playing those teams including keeping the RRR with OU but I doubt the ags will agree to continue to play Texas annually. Too deadly for them.


Problem is the OU President has a ton of power now to make the decision on behalf of OU while UT Prez Bill Powers does not have full authority. Texas is unfortunately in a position where they will be keeping an eye on OU's move and will likely follow (is my guess).

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Damn, you manned up with the Colt Avatar! Yea, I think we all have our best guesses about where our guys will end up but the truth is nobody knows - not even them. I wouldn't be surprised if the Big XII stayed intact. Here's a proposal: What if TEXAS and NOTRE DAME went to the Big10? Would that be the best conference in NCAA Football??? I think it would outdo the SEC.

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Word up on that. This realignment stuff is like taking acid and trying to determine where you will end up at 4:00 am. If UT and ND both went to the Big10 then the SEC would be overtaken. Michigan, Ohio State, Penn State, Texas, Notre Dame, Nebraska, Michigan State, Wisconsin, Purdue and a bunch of scrub football teams. The academics would be second to none too. Doubtful it will happen but ya never know.

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