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*****GAME THREAD - TEXAS vs. NEVADA: NCAA Tournament Round 1*****

Aaron Carrara

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1 minute ago, TheContractor said:

Shaka cost us a win again. 

Why play zone 16 mins is second half, they killed us. 

8 OT games this year, 7 of which we were up and choked bc we can't be coached up. 3 seconds left and we can't inbound a ball bc nobody knows to go to the ball. 

So F'ing frustrating to blow it again.

Shaka will be back be he doesn't deserve it 



Zone allowed all of those threes to be taken.  

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Guest PleaseDeleteUser

Bamba's 4th foul against both Duke and today were total crap and not having him in OT was a killer in both games. Dylan has to just feel awful. Just make 50% of your free throws dude and it's game over. 

Ever since we signed that ESPN contract, I feel like we've been cursed in all 3 mens sports. Just gets old. 

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10 minutes ago, Oldmanastro said:

Anyone hear anything about Smart to Louisville? I’ve heard it from more than one person. 

I find it ammusing that his name is linked with any jobs.  The ridiculous thought that the Houston rockets were trying to hire him a few years ago led to a contract extension by Patterson for no reason.

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4 hours ago, Hiwood said:

VCU to  TEXAS was too large a jump...lets cut our losses now and go shopping for a new HC...Smart is way in over his head

It's not necessarily that.  He isn't coaching the same game as he did at VCU and it makes ZERO sense.  We hired the "HAVOC" coach.  Even VCU threatened a trademark violation if we used that.  

Year 1 he didn't press at all and the "excuse" was that he didn't have his type of player to do so.  

Fast forward to year 3 (after the year 2 WORST record in UT history) and he still isn't running the offense or defense we hired him for.

This alone should have him gone and what is confusing about it is that his lack of success should make him try the VCU type of ball.  Works for West Virginia so there should be no excuse.

The lack of shooters also shows his half court "dribble until 5 seconds left then heave a shot" doesn't work wither so he should stress high tempo.

All this tells me what I need to know.  He isn't a good coach.  He got lucky with a team that hit every shot one year.  


He's a terrible coach.  ZERO X's and O's.

Wasted every big man he had here wit ha lack of low post offense.


He can't be fired fast enough and we wont amount to anything as a program until he is.

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